The Best Meat Subscription Boxes in the UK

Best Meat Subscription Box Services in the UK in 2020

We all love a good slab of meat, but now you can get it delivered straight to your door using one of the meat subscription boxes in UK. Whether you’re avoiding the stores due to COVID-19 or you’re just looking to add more variety to your table, we’ve broken down our picks for the best meat subscription box services in the UK in 2020. Long live the carnivore!

1. Carnivore Club

Carnivore Club is a meat lover’s dream come true. Each month, you receive 4 to 6 handcrafted meats from leading artisans, all delivered in a stylish faux-wood box. Each month focuses on a different style of cured meat, so you might enjoy French charcuterie one month followed by fine Italian cuts the next.

Carnivore Club also has an online store where you can stock up on your charcuterie pairing sets, jerky selections, and meat samplers. You can try the meat for yourself and then decide if you want to opt for a monthly subscription.

Ideal For: Lovers of artisanal and finely cured meats like salami, chorizo, and capocollo. This isn’t the place for thick T-bone steaks.

Why It’s a Winner: All Carnivore Club artisans are strict about ethical treatment of animals and humane slaughter practices. They also use locally sourced meats and ingredients. Best of all, the meats taste fantastic.

The Price: Monthly subscriptions start at £29.

2. HelloFresh

HelloFresh is the world’s most popular food subscription service—and the distinction is well-earned. HelloFresh sends you perfectly portioned ingredients so that you can create your own gourmet meals at home. Plans are fully customisable and can be tailored for individuals, couples, or families.

Though not specifically a meat subscription box service, HelloFresh offers a “Meat & Veggies” option that comes complete with delicious recipes like beef bulgogi meatballs, pork sausage spaghetti Bolognese, and creamy dill chicken. There’s also a pescatarian plan for fish lovers.

Ideal For: Meat lovers who enjoy preparing their own healthy meals at home.

Why It’s a Winner: Because the recipes are easy to follow and no measuring is required, HelloFresh makes it easy for even the novice cook to prepare flawless meals in minutes. Each dish also comes with a recipe card containing detailed nutritional information, so you can always stay on track with your personal goals.

The Price: Plans start at just £34.99. You can enjoy HelloFresh for as little as £2.21 per meal. First-time customers are also eligible for 35% off their first four boxes.

  • Making home cooking easy
  • From £34.99

3. Field & Flower

Voted Observer Food Monthly’s Best Independent Retailer of 2019, Field & Flower is redefining high-quality meats. Their products are free-range, grass-fed, and sustainably sourced, and everything is high-quality. Choose between the Small Free-Range Box (20 servings), Medium Free-Range Box (30 servings), and Large Free-Range Box (53 servings), and get all the meat you need for the month. Fish boxes and other specialty boxes are also available.

Their meat subscription box includes selection of beef mince, premium pork, chicken thighs, beef meatballs, pork and fennel sausages, whole chicken, and much more. All cuts of meat are sourced to order and delivered straight to your door.

Ideal For: Busy families who love high-quality, heartier cuts of meat.

Why It’s a Winner: Field & Flower is all about local, high-quality British meats. It was founded by a farmer on a Somerset farm, and the company maintains its uncompromising quality standards even as it caters to more than 10,000 subscribers.

The Price: Field & Flower monthly subscriptions start at £55.

4. Primal Snack Box

For the Paleo aficionados out there, Primal Snack Box is the way to go. The company offers the UK’s first Paleo-specific subscription box. Each box is filled with caveman-friendly snacks such as grass-fed biltong, jerky, droewors, energy bars, Paleo chocolate treats, seed-and-nut mixes, and much more.

Every product included in the Primal Snack Box is free from refined sugar, vegetable oil, and grain. Just make sure to select the right box when ordering your subscription. You want “The Box With Meat (Paleo).” The company also offers vegan and gluten-free boxes.

Ideal For: Anyone who loves clean eating or the Paleo lifestyle.

Why It’s a Winner: Each product is carefully curated for maximum nutritional value and delivered in a bespoke handcrafted box. With each package, you’ll also receive a letter describing the products in your box and how they help promote your healthy lifestyle.

The Price: Subscriptions start at just £17.99 per month. Choose between a subscription period of 3, 6, or 12 months. One-off boxes are also available.

5. PrepCo

PrepCo is a food subscription box specifically for the Scottish market. Choose between the weight loss plan, the weight gain plan, and the maintenance plan, and select the number of meals you want. Your meals are delivered on Monday and Thursday.

The ever-changing meat subscription box menu includes such delectable meats as pork Bolognese, chipotle chicken, mango jerk chicken, katsu curry-style brisket, and taco-style beef mince. Each meal also includes a veggie and a healthy carb selection.

Ideal For: Busy professionals looking to achieve a fitness goal—whether it be to bulk up or slim down.

Why It’s a Winner: Each meal is carefully portioned and curated for the optimal number of macronutrients. So if you don’t have time to count calories and read labels, you can let PrepCo do the work for you.

The Price: Prices start at just £39 for 7 meals (packages can include up to 24 meals). You can often find 10%-off coupon codes on the PrepCo homepage, and key workers are eligible for 20% off during COVID-19.

Visit PrepCo

6. SimplyCook

SimplyCook bills itself as “the UK’s #1 Alternative to a Meal Box.” Like HelloFresh, it promises restaurant-quality meals that you can prepare at home. You get the ingredients and the recipes delivered straight to your door, and you choose the frequency and number of meals you wish to receive. You can even pause your subscription at any time.

SimplyCook is noted for offering more than 100 delicious chef-inspired recipes, with meats that include Japanese seared steak, chipotle glazed pork, curry chicken, and beef rendang. Although your box includes everything you need to complete the meal, you’re encouraged to add your own spices and ingredients to really take your meal to the next level.

Ideal For: Cooks and international cuisine enthusiasts.

Why It’s a Winner: Unlike many other food prep subscription boxes, SimplyCook allows you to choose the recipes that go in your box. So if you have a favourite or there’s a recipe you’ve been dying to try, you can request it.

The Price: Each box costs just £9.99 and contains four meal kits. Recipes average £3 to £6 per person per meal. Your first box costs just £3.

7. BoroughBox

BoroughBox is all about artisan and fine foods. Though not exclusively a subscription service, they have a number of subscriptions available. For meat lovers, we recommend the Charcuterie Subscription. Each month, you’ll receive five fresh meat products and one meat snack from their esteemed collection.

Meat selections may include irresistible treats like free-range pork salami with aromatic fennel and white pepper, or free-range pork neck filet. Boxes may also include classic favourites like prosciutto, mortadella, and chorizo.

Ideal For: Lovers of artisanal and finely cured meats.

Why It’s a Winner: BoroughBox maintains uncompromising standards of quality. Their cured meats are all locally sourced and come from prized animals like wild fallow deer and free-range Gloucester old spot pigs.

The Price: The Charcuterie Subscription costs £38.99 per month. You can try a One Month Taster Box or opt for a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription.

  • Artisan & specialist foods
  • From £34.99

8. The Key to Food

If you happen to live in London Zones 1 – 2 (the only places where The Key to Food delivers), this subscription service is an inspired choice. They’ll deliver fresh meals every day to your home or office, whether you just want lunch, lunch and dinner, or 3 mains and a snack. Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

The Key to Food is wellness-focused, so you can enjoy delectable meats and accompanying sides that provide all of your essential nutrients and calories. Popular meats include sweet teriyaki salmon, roasted harissa chicken, rosemary and garlic roasted chicken, seasoned steak, and BBQ beef meatballs.

Ideal For: Wellness enthusiasts who want to eat right but who have little time to cook.

Why it’s a Winner: All meals are prepared fresh and ready to eat, just like you would get from a restaurant. They’re also health-focused, so you can enjoy optimal wellness without trying to calculate macros or count calories.

The Price: Monthly plans start at £154.00. The price might seem high, but it includes daily meals for the entire month. The per-meal cost is about £7.70.

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9. Cure & Simple

Cure & Simple is the UK’s premier bacon subscription service. Choose your favourite bacon flavours, decide how often you want to receive your delivery, and await your first order. You can receive weekly, fortnightly, or monthly bacon deliveries. All deliveries are sent via Royal Mail 1st Class Post, and there are no contracts or commitments.

Each order includes a complete 200g packet of bacon. Bacon is available in smoked and unsmoked varieties, and your options include streaky bacon, back bacon, and pancetta-style bacon.

Ideal For: Anybody who needs more bacon in their life.

Why It’s a Winner: Cure & Simple bacon comes from Suffolk-raised, free-range pigs. The bacon is naturally cured and air-dried for up to two weeks, and there’s no added water. And, of course, it’s delicious.

The Price: Plans start at just £5.95 per month, including postage and packaging. Cure & Simple is currently running a deal that allows you to try your first pack for just £3.95.

Cure and Simple
  • Handmade bacon
  • From £5.95

10. Gousto

Gousto isn’t as large as other meal subscription plans like Hello Fresh, but it does afford you a bit more freedom over your meals. Each week, Gousto adds 40 recipes for you to try, and it’s up to you to decide whether you want to opt for something like butter chicken with coriander rice, coconut beef curry, or smoky and sweet chicken barbecue fajitas.

You receive fresh and precisely proportioned ingredients, and many meals can be prepared in as little as 10 minutes—though more elaborate fine-dining selections are also available. Subscriptions are available for 2 or 4 people, so you can select the option that works best for your family.

Ideal For: Families that love to explore new culinary delights.

Why It’s a Winner: Though it’s not exclusively a meat subscription box, it’s worth a shout-out because the meat is truly sublime. Gousto provides 100% British fresh meat with its recipes, and they only work with reputable, trusted suppliers.

The Price: Boxes start at just £24.99 for two recipes (£6.25 per serving).

  • Cook delicious recipes
  • From £27.49

If we missed your favourite meat subscription box service in the UK, let us know in the comments!

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