HelloFresh – July 2020: Stress-Free Home Cooking

HelloFresh - July 2020: Stress-Free Home Cooking

HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service that delivers fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes straight to your doorstep, so you can enjoy stress-free home cooking. Flexible subscription plans take the hassle out of your weekly shop and make meal planning simple. If you lack creativity in the kitchen, these recipe boxes are bursting with inspiration. They are perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle who wants to eat delicious restaurant-quality meals at home without all the fuss of shopping lists, complicated recipes, weighing out ingredients and trips to the supermarket. HelloFresh does all the hard work for you!

HelloFresh - July 2020: Stress-Free Home Cooking

There are currently four plans available: Family (designed specifically for families with young kids), Meat & Veggies (the most popular option that gives you the choice of 20 recipes each week), Quick Cook (simple recipes that take advantage of the best seasonal produce) and Veggie. Simply choose your plan and then tailor it to your families preferences. You can select how many portions you require (i.e. how many mouths you have to feed) and how many meals you’d like to receive weekly. The plans are very flexible and you can cancel your subscription or skip a week at any time.

Each week you select which recipes you’d like to receive online or via their app. The picking list has a fantastic selection available including curries, seafood, pasta and traditional dishes which is updated frequently; along with vegetarian and low-calorie options. There’s also the option to upgrade your meat or add additional options like snacks and sweet treats for an additional fee.

HelloFresh - July 2020: Stress-Free Home Cooking HelloFresh - July 2020: Stress-Free Home Cooking

My box contained everything I needed to make three wonderful dishes: Bacon Rigatoni, Creamy Chicken Masla and freshly made Cheeseburgers with Wedges and Slaw. The dry ingredients come pre-measured and divided into separate meal bags clearly labelled with numbers that correspond with their recipe cards. The fresh ingredients including meat and dairy are packaged in a recyclable ‘Woolcool’ bag full of ice packs to ensure everything remains in the freshest condition possible. There were no damaged or bashed ingredients whatsoever in my box. Everything came in fantastic condition and the vegetables were incredibly fresh. You can learn more about the suppliers here.

HelloFresh - July 2020: Stress-Free Home Cooking

Creamy Chicken Masala with Fluffy Rice

Ingredients: butternut squash, basmati rice, diced chicken thigh, red pinion, garlic cloves, spring onion, tandoori masala spice, tomato passata, chicken stock powder, baby spinach & soured cream

This dish took around 40 minutes to prepare and cook. The steps were very simple to follow and, as with all the dishes, the nutritional information, allergens and basic cooking tools required are all clearly listed on your recipe card. There was no fancy equipment needed and the portion was surprisingly generous. You can, of course, add less spice if you prefer less heat and this delicious recipe contains 2 of your 5 a day. The chicken was pre-diced which I appreciated. I usually purchase breast but I really couldn’t tell when eating the curry that it was a cheaper cut. It was that tender and delicious.

HelloFresh - July 2020: Stress-Free Home Cooking

Cheeseburger with Wedges & Slaw

Ingredients: potatoes, tomatoes ketchup, panko breadcrumbs, need mince, cheddar cheese, coleslaw mix, mayonnaise and burger buns

A simple yet delicious recipe that took 10 minutes to prepare. I even pre-made the burgers in the morning and stuck them in the fridge so this meal was ready very quickly. What I love about HelloFresh is that you’ll find yourself slowly gaining confidence in the kitchen. This basic burger recipe was very simple and yet making your own patties is a skill that can be used time and time again to create your own.

HelloFresh - July 2020: Stress-Free Home CookingHelloFresh - July 2020: Stress-Free Home Cooking

Bacon Rigatoni with Aubergine, Tomatoes and Feta

Ingredients: aubergine, garlic cloves, shallots, baby plum tomatoes, flat-leaf parsley, feta cheese, rigatoni, bacon lardons, chilli flakes and chopped tomatoes with garlic and onion

Both my husband and I agree that this was our favourite recipe. The portion was so big we had enough for lunch the day after too. I’m not a huge veggie eater so didn’t think I’d like the aubergine but it was grilled perfectly and was absolute heaven with the warm feta cheese on top. This is a recipe I will 100% be making again. I like to keep my recipe cards in a folder so when I’ve built up my confidence and patience in the kitchen, I can recreate the recipes at home.

Our score: 10.0/ 10

This week our food waste bin was almost empty as, thanks to everything being pre-portioned and the recipes being so delicious, there was hardly any waste. The recipes were simple enough for even a beginner and the kitchen and no fancy equipment is necessary. The ingredients were fresh and in excellent condition.The instructions were very straightforward and easy to follow with just enough detail to include additional cooking tips without feeling overwhelming. We enjoyed all three recipes and we loved how varied and flavoursome the dishes were. 

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10

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