The 15 best subscription boxes to offer for mother’s day

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Want to make your mum feel special? Then you should try getting her something perfect this mother’s day. Undoubtedly, cakes, roses, and chocolates make the loveliest mother’s day gifts. But they’ve been overdone.

So, you should try something new and extraordinary this time – such as a subscription box! These boxes are the biggest trend these days and can make for a perfect mother’s day gift.

Currently, there are many subscription boxes available at different prices, and you can easily find several that suit your mom’s taste. However, with so many options to choose from, finding the most-suitable box could be a little tricky.

Below are the 15 best subscription boxes to offer for mother’s day. Picking one or more from these can make mother’s day perfect this year.


This is currently one of the most sought-after subscription boxes. The box comes with around 8 to 10 full-sized items from beauty, health, and household categories. Your mom could get some amazing products worth $200 four times a year!

Each box in this subscription costs around $50. The best part about this box is that subscribers can either choose to keep the products a surprise or select them on their own. FabFitFun is a great investment for moms who love shawls, sunglasses, wallets, scent diffusers, pillows, and skincare products.

  • Beauty, Fitness, Wellness
  • From £48.58


Glossybox is a great option to invest in for a mom who loves makeup and beauty. Each box comes with some of the trendiest beauty products, specifically picked by experts. You can treat your mom the right way with the highest-quality colognes, facemasks, and makeup products each month.

Usually, the products that come with this box are sample-sized and aren’t revealed to subscribers. Despite that, each product’s value and quality are guaranteed, making it the perfect gift for your mom.

  • Must-have beauty treats
  • From £13.25


lookfantastic Beauty Box Subscription

This is another popular and loved subscription box for women who love to take care of themselves. Lookfantastic’s subscription box comes with 6 amazing beauty and personal care products each month.

Coming with a perfect blend of beauty essentials hand-picked by experts, this box is the ultimate pamper treatment for mothers everywhere.

lookfantastic Beauty Box Subscription


An affordable investment, this box comes with around 5 to 6 sample-sized beauty products that perfectly cater to a mother’s beauty needs. Priced at just $15, every box contains some of the newest beauty products each month.

Most of the time, one box from this subscription combines makeup, perfume, skincare, and hair care items. Thus, responding to every lady’s beauty needs perfectly. The best part about this box is that the buyers can pick one item that will be delivered to them with each box no matter what.

  • Beauty treats
  • From £12.95


This is another great gift for a mother who loves trying out new beauty and skincare products. A complete beauty package, the Roccabox subscription comes with a diverse range of beauty products that are picked under a theme every time.

Depending upon the theme, each box features around 5 to 7 products, either in full or sample sizes. Buyers can order their box anytime they want and can also subscribe to receive this box either after every 3, 6, or 12 months.


SimplyCook - one of the best free monthly subscription boxes in 2020

A great subscription box for foodie moms, SimplyCook features several kitchen items to make cooking fun and adventurous. With this box, mothers can fearlessly experiment in their kitchens, coming up with something amazing to eat whenever they want.

The subscription comes in various sizes and options so that buyers can pick the most suitable package for themselves. Each box blends elements and ingredients from the finest cuisines with expert recipes from all around the world.


HelloFresh - one of the best free monthly subscription boxes in 2020

Here comes another subscription box for mothers who love food and cooking! Each box from this subscription features a recipe book and the freshest ingredients in good amounts, helping your mom cook up a masterpiece.

There are different box options to choose from, depending on whether your mom likes vegetables or would prefer a frozen pizza that can be reheated within minutes. The costs for each subscription differ, and it mostly reaches your doorstep every Tuesday or Thursday.

  • Making home cooking easy
  • From £34.99

Mindful Chef

This subscription comes from a recipe box-delivering company. If you subscribe to this one, your mom will get fresh and well-portioned items that will allow her to prepare several yummy dishes. This box is a great gift for health-conscious mothers as it hardly ever comes with refined carbs and sugars.

Each week, your mom will get the healthiest and freshest ingredients to prepare clean, gluten and dairy-free meals within just 30 minutes. There’s a special box for vegans, too, with the ingredients and recipes changing every week.

Mindful Chef
  • Healthy eating made easy
  • From £27


SnackSurprise - one of the best free monthly subscription boxes in 2020

A perfect gift for anyone, this subscription box will let your mom taste the coolest snacks from all parts of the world. Every month, a SnackSurprise box comes with chocolates, crisps, candies, and cookies – all from a specific country.

Each box’s theme is a specific country, and the box comes with 6 to 8 full-sized snacks representing the selected region. Once you subscribe, your mom will receive her first box within a week, and all subsequent deliveries will be done on the 17th of each month.

  • Snacks from Around the World
  • From £10.99


There’s no end to amazing food subscription boxes. This one comes with several ready-to-eat treats delivered to your mom’s doorstep every month. There are different products in each box, and each featured item is fresh and flavourful.

Usually, one Degustabox comes with around 10 to 13 food items ranging from healthy bites and vegan items to alcohol-based beverages and some meaty treats. This box is sure to make every mother feel extra special this mother’s day and for the rest of the year.

  • Discover new flavours
  • From £7.99


Is there any gift better than a gift of flowers? Yes, it’s the gift of flowers sent through Royal Mail’s trackable delivery! Luckily, this subscription box offers the best form of flower delivery with a variety of options.

Each box comes with the freshest seasonal flowers mailed in specific letterbox sizes. This box has one gift card and a brochure with tips for flower arrangement other than carefully covered flowers. Starting from $60, one can buy a subscription for 3, 6, and 12 months or pay $20 for instant delivery on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Bloom & Wild
  • Send flowers
  • From £50


This one is for moms who love themselves a bottle of trendiest beverages after a stressful day of motherly duties. Flaviar delivers the perfect range of new brews and drinks each month, helping your mom unwind.

  • Craft and premium Spirits
  • From £35.99


Just like its name, this box can leave moms awestruck with its amazing collection of alcoholic treats every month. Subscribers can select their preferences from a wide range of vodkas, gins, beers, and whiskies to treat their moms in the best way.

  • Fully Customisable
  • From £26

I love Gin

I Love Gin - one of the best free monthly subscription boxes in 2020

Perfect for a mom who loves trying out new drinks, this subscription box comes with various gins, matched mixers, and a guide with gin garnishing tips. Your mom will get a perfectly packaged supply of gin and tonics each month, satisfying her love for the beverage.

I Love Gin
  • Gins and tonics/mixers
  • From £14


If your mom likes experimenting with her drinks, this is an excellent option. MuddleBox lets moms prepare delicious cocktails that suit their preferences. You get to decide the kind of cocktails you need in your box and whether you want them weekly, bi-monthly, or once a month. Cool, isn’t it?

  • Cocktail Subscriptions
  • From £9

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Hot right now


  • Personal Shopping
  • From £10