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PrimalSnackBox featurePrimal Snack Box is the UK’s 1st paleo friendly snack subscription service.

They offer snack box boxes catering to those who follow a paleo or primal diet. You will find absolutely no vegetable oils, refined sugar or grain in any of the snacks in the boxes. Each box is carefully curated to ensure that you receive a balanced selection of nutritious and clean paleo snacks, including:

  • Raw energy bars
  • Grass-fed jerky, biltong & droewors
  • Nut & seed mixes
  • Paleo chocolate treats
  • and more!

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The arrival of a box is always exciting and more often than not, the packaging of said box is also great. But this one was different from the start.

The Primal Snackbox is a beautifully simple, elegantly designed and branded box that makes my design-loving mind automatically sit up and pay attention. It comes with the usual information (a letter and a description of what is included), but these aren’t just standard bits of paper. These are ‘paper goods’ that make me want to keep them and display them.

Tissue paper and raffia ribbons along with a welcome note and a typographically pleasing ‘menu’ printed on recycled card help it feel like it was packed with a smile.

Aesthetically, the folks at Primal Snackbox have absolutely nailed this.

Primal Snackbox box Primal Snackbox aesthetics

When I opened the box I recognised some of the products immediately and noted that I knew them to be brands priding themselves on the quality of their products.

Primal Snackbox all productsThe box contained:

  • Just Biltong
  • Carob & Coconut Kale Crisps
  • Lemon pie raw bar
  • Primal Trail mix
  • Brazil nut & Cherry Paleo bar
  • Fruity Coconut balls
  • Chilli Beef Jerky
  • Coconut Paleo bar
  • Good Fats mix
  • Organic Cacao raw bar
  • Goji & Orange raw Chocolate bar

My favourite item in the box was undoubtedly Big T’s grass fed, british  chilli beef jerky with its deep flavours and satisfying texture. There was no gristle, only excellent quality meat!

I also loved the Primal Joy Coconut Paleo bar which tasted fresh, wonderfully coconut-y and quite different from the usual date-based bars (this one is all coconut and sweetened with honey) which was a really nice change.

The biggest surprise in the box for me were the two little packets from the Primal Snackbox team themselves, ones Good fats mix and a Trail mix. The flavours for these were really well put together and I actually served them in little bowls to guests who came for a visit who all commented on how great they tasted. I really wish Primal Snackbox would start selling these as extras for their boxes or individually on their website they really are fantastic, perfectly portable little combinations.

Primal Snackbox biltong Primal Snackbox trail mix

There were a few date-based snacks as is to be expected for a box of paleo/primal snacks, so if you’re not a fan of dates as a sweetener, it’s something to be aware of. Having said this, Primal Snackbox do publish a ‘menu’ of what’s in their box every week so those who want to check out the specifics can do so before buying.

All the products in the box were really of the highest quality and care clearly went into choosing each and every item. It comes across in the selection of the products, in the paper goods that accompany them and in the packaging. This requirement that only great products with high quality ingredients make it into the box is cited on the website as the reason for the price tag of £19.99 per box (free delivery).

Primal Snackbox bars

Occasionally I find that sell by dates on the products that arrive in my boxes are much shorter than those I could find in the stores, so it’s worth mentioning that that’s certainly not the case here. Even the most ‘homemade’ of the goods only expires in August, 3 months after my box arrived.

Personally, I would like to see an option for a more savoury box in future (in my ‘old age’ I seem to be tending towards savoury rather than sweet snacks when I can) and it would be great if in future the folks at Primal Snackbox could also give us an idea of where the best place to purchase the products in the box might be.

Having said this, the Primal Snackbox is without a doubt the best snackbox I have tried. I just cannot get over the quality of the products and their ingredients. A monthly subscription is on the cards for sure!

One-off box: £21.99 including free delivery

Fortnightly or monthly plan: £19.99 per box including free delivery

Get 15% off by using the code ALLBOXES at checkout.

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