The Best Pamper Letterbox Gift Set In The UK

Do you have someone special in your life who you love dearly? Whether they’re your partner, sibling, or even parent. We’re sure someone popped into your head, and we’re sure you’d love to make them happy. Thankfully, there’s a lot that you can do to make your special someone’s day. But, nothing ever compares to the joy that comes with getting them a good gift box.

Gift boxes make for a great present since they’re actually multiple small gifts! Getting a good gift box means you’re getting not one gift, but four, five, or even six! With these boxes, you’re surprising your loved ones in the best possible way.

But the problem arises when you have to pick a box. There are many different types of gift boxes to choose from, but we suggest you go for a box that allows recipients to pamper themselves. At AllSubscriptionBox, you can easily find some amazing gift boxes that will allow your loved ones to pamper themselves.

Most of these pamper letterboxes come with great products and have excellent aesthetics. Sending over one or two of these to someone can turn their bad day into a great one, even when you’re not around. You can easily find a pamper gift box that matches your loved one’s taste and needs.

Given below are our picks for the 5 best pamper letterbox gift sets in the UK.

Pamper Gift Set by LetterBox Gifts

letterboxgifts Pamper Gift Set

This is a brilliant gift set that comes with some amazing themes. You can send it to different people on a range of occasions by selecting the most suitable theme. The box comes with 5 amazing products to let your loved one relax and enjoy some spa time at home.

Each box has a bar of delicious chocolate, some bath salts, a face mask, scented candles, and an organic soap bar. All of this costs you just £38, with some parts of the UK enjoying free delivery! The thing we like the most about this gift set is its packaging and aesthetic. This pamper gift is one of our favorite LetterBox gift sets.

You also get to pick chocolate for the box from the given options, which includes something suitable for vegans too. The box comes perfectly packaged and slips through any letterbox, as promised!

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Bookblock Gift Box

bookblock Pamper Letterbox Gift

Bookblock is the perfect initiative in the world of letterbox gift sets. The best part about this gift box is that you get to customize it to your liking. They have different boxes available, suitable for a range of occasions. Their pamper letterboxes range from £15 to £21 and come with several items to make your loved one’s day.

You can expect this gift box to have around 4 items from their curated range of over 400 products. Most boxes include things like chocolates, balloons, candles, cocktails, socks, and self-care items for your loved ones to enjoy.

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One of the best subscription boxes this year is FabFitFun. This box lets recipients enjoy a professional spa treatment at home with its excellent combination of around 10 full-sized pampering items. The box itself also looks great, which is an added perk!

A FabFitFun gift box costs you around £48 and has products worth £200. Isn’t that a steal? You can get this box once. But, you can also opt to get a subscription four times a year, depending on your preferences. Getting this for your loved one is a decision you won’t regret.

  • Beauty, Fitness, Wellness
  • From £48.58


You should go for an Awebox gift set if you want to surprise your loved ones with a range of cute items. One Awebox subscription comes with products from multiple categories like alcoholic drinks to household and self-care items. This box is fully customizable and costs only £26!

  • Fully Customisable
  • From £26


Glossybox is the perfect gift for a makeup and beauty lover. Each month, this box comes with multiple expertly picked beauty items for your loved one to try out. One Glossybox subscription costs only £13 and has the highest quality perfumes, facemasks, and makeup items.

With the Glossybox, you can’t choose what you get, but most of the products are sample-sized and from popular brands. The box offers great quality with quick delivery, so why not give it a try?

  • Must-have beauty treats
  • From £13.25

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  • Personal Shopping
  • From £10