WufWuf: Wimbledog (A Puppy’s View)

Every month WufWuf sends a box of themed toys and treats which are guaranteed to make your dog (in my case, mad puppy!) very happy indeed.

When you subscribe you say what size you dog is, if your dog has any allergies, and they can also personalise, for example if you have an older dog for whom the tougher treats aren’t suitable. My pup is a lab, so eats everything and plays with everything, and while he’s small now, it won’t be that long until he fully qualifies as a Big Dog!

I was delighted to receive another box after last month’s Hairy Metal assortment, which was a great success. June is officially summer, tennis season is here, and what could be more appropriate than the tennis-themed Wimbledog box!

Pup is diving straight in here. The very first thing he went for was a fantastic Plush Tennis Ball. It actually has a face on the other side, which you’ll see in another picture, but this ball is soft, fluffy, and light enough to be easily flung around the room.

If your dog is a power chewer it might not last long, but fortunately my pup doesn’t (yet?!) have the desire to actively rip apart stuffed toys. And as it’s easy for even a little dog to pick up, because it’s soft, it’s a fun toy to retrieve, especially in the house where it won’t get too grubby or cause any damage.

I discovered that WufWuf also does a Power Chewer Box, which is specially designed for dogs who are super rough on their toys.

This Gold Medal Plush Toy is also wearable! While a young pup is not going to sit still long enough to pose with it, he did seem to enjoy the fact that it was conveniently in chewing reach when it was round his neck. There are two textures to this toy, the plush medal and then the webbing ‘ribbon’. There’s even a squeak inside the medal, which is fab because he adores things that squeak.

(Note, wearable toys should not be used without supervision.)

The third toy was a Tennis Racket Toy. This is another multi-sensory toy, with lots of different textures. It has a slightly rigid part inside the edge which is excellent for chewing, a rope handle, the main part is rather like canvas, and the tennis ball appliqué is soft plush. As a bonus there’s another squeak inside the tennis ball appliqué, which was extremely exciting.

(You can also see the face of the tennis ball plush there.)

The first treat was a Veggie Treat, either carrot or broccoli. It’s grain-free (very important) and does actually contain carrot. It’s also textured so chewing is good for keeping teeth clean.

Two more treats here, WufWuf’s own Lamb Treats (there are other varieties too) which are very high in meat content and again are grain-free. These are fab for training treats, and they can easily be broken up into smaller pieces. I often keep a few in my pocket for spontaneous rewards for good behaviour!

The Doggie Dippers are intriguing, and are a lot of fun. Much like those dipping biscuit sticks with chocolate spread you might remember from childhood, these are the same principle. The biscuits are made from coconut flour and carob (no chocolate, which is toxic) and the peanut butter is totally pup-safe. The packaging is all recyclable, and it looks like a handy package to take out and about with you to keep your pup occupied. Virtually every dog loves peanut butter! It’s also a nice thing to share with your dog, as unless they are more dextrous than they let on, you’re going to be the one who is doing the dipping.

This is pup having had a mad ten minutes playing with his new toys. This was absolutely not posed – not that you can easily get a three month lab to pose! – he just flopped down with a happy sigh having shaken, squeaked, chewed, and chased to his heart’s content.

Approval rating from pup: 100%

Our score: 10.0/ 10

Until I had a dog I never realised how important toys are. Variety, both in different toys and also things like textures and noises, is super important, especially when they are young and excitable. Getting a fresh selection every month - along with some excellent goodies! - is so useful, as it means you can build a great collection and them swap them around so they don't get bored with the same thing or overwhelmed. WufWuf ticks all these boxes perfectly, and as any dog parent knows, making your dog happy is one of the best things in the world! WufWuf has definitely made my pup very happy.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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