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WufWuf, a lovely subscription box for dogs, has two versions of it’s of goodies and toys selection. My beautiful boy started off on the regular box as a puppy, but as he has now grown into 30kg of Labrador bruiser has now graduated to the special Power Chewer version. I used to allow him to ‘unbox’ the box, but the bigger he got the more blurry the pictures got!  Not to mention he’s very fast at running away with things and leaving in a state that’s not so good for photography! So now I unpack and give him the goodies inside separately.

Having been away over Christmas, with delays in postage, we didn’t actually get around to the festive Howly Jolly box until after Christmas. But as the pup doesn’t really know from Christmas, he’s just as appreciative of any kind of goodies no matter what the time of year!

This is this month’s selection. The treats are a mixture of regular treats and those more suitable for the hard-core chewers, plus the toys are of the extra tough kind.

These are the regular WufWuf Treats, their own brand. They are great quality, no grain or any other rubbishy additives. We raw feed our dog, and while we are more flexible on treats, we don’t feed things that are full of cereals, because that’s not what any dog should be eating. It’s really reassuring that we can give him the WufWuf treats with no problems at all, they’re great for training and just general positive reinforcement. And because they’re quite soft they can be easily broken in to pieces, which make them last longer! And of course a little treat is just as delicious as a big treat.

These are the seriously chewy treats! Two yak chews, which are made from compressed milk (really!) and are hard enough to last a decent amount of time but won’t actually damage their teeth. They also taste great (apparently!) and are good for them,. The other one is a piece of beef tendon. This is the kind of treat/chew we give quite frequently, and it’s exactly what it say – a piece of dried beef tendon and nothing else. They are also very chewy and again last a decent amount of time. These kind of all-natural treats you can give your dog with complete confidence, and I’m very pleased to add them to our stash! Chews like this are especially useful if you want to distract your dog for a little while (like in party season!).

A couple of super-tough toys here! The Festive Dino Plush has reinforced seams and fur which is soft but not too soft! It’s a good size to carry around too, and he’s wearing little festive scarf as well.

The Meaty and Meaty Tough Toy  is a combination of super tough plastic with a slightly rubbery outer. It’s also chicken flavoured, which should help keep the interest high!

My boy was extremely interested in this. He had a good sniff, then carried it straight to his crate to be thoroughly investigated and chewed. In fact he’s still working on it right now as I write! The uneven shape is also really good, he can move it around and chew different sized surfaces and pieces, as well as pick it up and hold it with his paws. Thus far it’s the thing he’s most keen on (apart from the treats of course, I know he loves those!) but it seems to be holding up well to so far to twenty solid minutes of chewing. Labs are serious chewers, and it’s really good to have things that they can’t destroy in moments!

The plush came in for some attention too! The stretchy collar eventually came off, and we’ll see how long until dino is transformed into a flat toy. He does love tearing at the seams of soft toy. But these softer toys are very good for being thrown around and shaken without causing too much damage in the house.

Our score: 10.0/ 10

I really can't recommend this box highly enough. Finding toys that last more than a few minutes can be a challenge with a large chewy dog - those jaws are incredibly strong! I've also learned the trick of making plush toys last longer. When they finally split, you take out all the stuffing and sew them up, and dogs love playing with flat toys just as much as squishy ones. Having the tough chewy toys is very useful, and I've been impressed by how well some of them have lasted. It's super important to have things that will survive a little while, because dogs - especially chewers like mine! - need to have things they're allowed to chew to keep them away from those things they're not! I also like the edible chews that are designed for hard chewers, as I've learned from experience that those cute normal 'chewsticks' last about three seconds with my boy! I know the beef and yak chews won't last for hours, but they'll give him a very good workout while they do last. This is a brilliant box for anyone who has a large dog, or even a small one who chews like the big boys.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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