• JOY For Your Dog
  • From £28.90

Treats, toys, and everything to keep your dog happy; all in one box. The WufWuf dog subscription box offers a monthly supply of treats and toys to help keep your dog happy. With just £18.90 per month, you get the complete joy box for your dog every month.

The box contains 5 or more items which are valued at over £40 in total. These items include treats, toys and surprises!

WufWuf was established to help pet owners keep their pets happy always. Understanding that healthy food and ample playtime might not always be enough; the WufWuf joy box is just the back up every dog owner needs. The box comes with toys, treats, and other goodies to help keep your dog happy even when you are not around.

What you get from the Wufwuf subscription Box?

The WufWuf subscription box contains safe and attractive toys and treats to ensure the satisfaction of your dog. The packages all include a minimum of 5 fantastic items:

  • 1 tough toy
  • 1 plush toy (mostly tailormade for our WufWuf family)
  • 1 treat,
  • 1 chew,
  • 1 surprise item or accessory.

You can be sure that your box would contain at least 5 products monthly, and sometimes, you may even get more than 5 items.
In some instances, the boxes are themed. So, you can look out for fantastic items in line week selected themes. These themes can range from Halloween to several others.

How does Wufwuf Work?

The Wufwuf subscription box is easy to use. All you need to do is follow the three simple steps:


To get started with the Wufwuf box, you have to subscribe on the WufWuf website for £18.90/Month.

Fill in Details

Also, in the course of your subscription, you would be required to register details of your dog; your dog’s size, name and other preferences. It would help if you also mentioned any allergies your dog might have here. This makes it easy to prepare the perfectbox for you. Delivery details are also collected at this stage.

Await your delivery

Once you have successfully filled all the necessary details, you can sit back and wait out your delivery. Boxes are not shipped later than the 15th of each month. Once your box arrives, you can start to have fun with your dog using the toys, treats and amazing surprises from your box.


  • Monthly plan: 28.90 GBP/ box
  • 6 Month Subscription: 22.90 GBP/ box
  • 12 Month Subscription: 19.90 GBP/ box

There are no other extra delivery costs and Yes! Delivery is free!

Why Choose WufWuf?

Joy in a box

If you own a dog, you’d know that it can be sometimes tricky keeping your dog happy. This is why it is crucial to find alternative ways to keep your dog happy and active. This is what the WufWuf Joy box offers. With the several treats, toys and packages in the box, you are sure to have a swell time with your dog.

Good value for your money

The Wufwuf subscription box, you also get amazing value for your money. With just £28.90 per month, you get a box that is worth about £40. This makes your work quite valuable.

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  • JOY For Your Dog
  • From £28.90

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  • JOY For Your Dog
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