WufWuf – Power Chewer: Sea You Soon

My lovely boy, while technically still a pup at eight months, is also a 30kg lump, and has now graduated to the WufWuf Power Chewer box! As you may have guessed, this is a box that contains toys and goodies that are more appropriate for dogs that are very much into their chewing. And labradors are definitely chewers! So WufWuf was kind enough to switch me over to this box, which is just right for him.

This box has a cute undersea theme, complete with punning title.

The chews are excellent for chewy dogs – some Scrumbles Gnashers Mini Dental Bones, which are great for all dogs’ teeth, and two Yak Chews. Yak chews are absolutely brilliant; they’re made from compressed milk (really!) and they’re hard enough to be satisfying but also completely edible. My pup adores them any time, and if any dog is teething they’re especially good for that because they provide a really good chewing workout.

On to the toys. There’s a Kong Reefs  soft toy, but it’s still quite sturdy; the fabric is tough and the fins have different textures which make chewing even more interesting.

This was particularly good for throwing round the room before settling down to chew.

There’s also a Rope Tug Toy, which I have as I have the Large Dog version of the box. If you have s medium of small power chewer dog you’ll get slightly smaller rope toys, though they all work the same way. As you can see, playing tug is one of this favourite things, we had a lot of fun with that before taking to the sofa once again for more chewing.

Here’s an extra Christmas bonus: a Scrumbles Dog Treat Advent Calendar! Scrumbles make terrific grain-free dog treats, as well as the Dental Bones in this month’s box, and this is a brilliant thing to save for Christmas month. After all, humans get Advent Calendars, so we shouldn’t leave out the pets!




Our score: 10.0/ 10

My boy really is serious about his chewing, and it's very important he has things that he's allowed to chew, rather than being tempted by all the other delicious potential items he can't chew, such as furniture! I particularly like the tug toy, as he adores playing tug, and will often just walk around with a rope toy in his mouth waiting for someone to pull the other end. I'm very pleased with the yak chews especially, because they're a big favourite in our house, and even though don't last as long as they used to when he was a puppy, they will keep him quiet for a reasonable time. The advent calendar is a real treat, it's such a nice thing to include for Christmas, because we can't have the dog feeling left out of the festivities. Overall I'm very excited about these new sturdier toys, as you only have to blink before your adorable little pup with little teeth becomes a big dog who can chew through almost anything!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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