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If you love to treat your dog, WufWuf is a marvellous monthly box of goodies to keep your pump happy.

There are two options, both with a select of treats, chews, and toys. You can get the regular box, then there’s the the PowerChewer. As you might guess, this is aimed at dogs who are especially fond of the heavy chewing, and my 30kg Labrador boy definitely is on the chewy side!

Each box is themed, and the illustrations and graphics are always super cool. Both the toys and the chews are aimed at dogs who are serious about chewing, so long-lasting and tough is the watchword here!

Here are the treats. These are usual the same with the regular WufWuf and Power Chewer. They’re smaller reward or training-type treats. First there is a bag of WufWuf’s own Chicken Tidbits. All the WufWuf treats are high-quality and grain free, but these are next level. They are 100% air-dried chicken pieces, super heathy and delicious, and just about some of the best quality you can get. The other treats are 100% beef liver pieces,§ again top quality when it comes to healthy goodies. They are also of a decent size and can be cut or broken into smaller pieces (as too many treats aren’t any better for dogs than they are for humans!), as well as being dry enough to keep in your pocket – very useful when you’re out and about!

Edible chews now, which again are designed for dogs that need something more robust than your average chew. First is a Magic Wand Pizzle. Pizzles are wonderful natural chews for dogs, but they can sometimes be somewhat stinky. (If you don’t know what a pizzle is, look it up.) This one claims to be odourless, and while I can’t say that there’s no smell at all, it is infinitely better than the usual pizzles we get. It’s a brilliant chew and lasts for a decent amount of time, plus they are 100% all natural so both healthy and tasty.

The other are Chewrest Yak Chews. Another all-natural and healthy chew, these are made from compressed milk (really!) and are really very tough. They’re hard but they’re not dangerous for their teeth at all, and they will last a long time. If you have a younger pup they are especially good for teething.

My boy absolutely adores yak chews, so these are a fantastic addition to the chew stock.

The Power Chewer toys are always on the tougher side, rather than some of the softer stuffed animals in the regular WufWuf box. (My dog loved them but also could tear one to pieces in just a few minutes, so the tougher the better now!) |
These are two solid foam rubber shapes, a GiGwi Rugby Ball and a Dumbbell Toy.

The rugby ball shape is good to carry around and also to be thrown, as the shape makes it bounce in all kinds of exciting ways. It’s been chewed a little bit, but is holding up pretty well.

The dumbbell toy is great for carrying around, and also chewing, as you can see!

Being made of foam rubber both these toys float. I think the dumbbell will be perfect as a water toy, for retrieving from the river. I’m actually going to save it until spring/summer, as right now the river is too high and fast at the moment for safe swimming and retrieving. But Labs love the water, and this will make a nice change from the usual sticks! It’s also a good bright colour and easy to see. And if your dog isn’t a swimmer it’s a great toy to just take to the park to play fetch.


Our score: 10.0/ 10

We loved getting the regular WufWuf box when my boy was smaller (if your pup doesn't go crazy for chewing, I highly recommend the regular WufWuf), but now he's big and seriously strong the Power Chewer is a real game changer. The treats are superb quality and always a huge success, and the mix of chews and smaller treats is the perfect balance as it means we have high-quality treats for training and rewards, plus the longer chewing/relaxing time (chewing is very good for dogs, especially the mouthy breeds). We're also loving having toys that last longer. My boy loves to play, but he plays rough, and I don't have to worry about removing bits of fluff from his mouth having eviscerated stuffed animals! Instead he has things he can really get his teeth into, and this month's floating toys especially are incredibly useful. All always this is a brilliant selection and an all-round perfect subscription box for your furbaby.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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