WufWuf: United Kingdog (A Puppy’s View)

My beautiful black lab pup is now six months old, and the bigger he gets, the bigger the excitement at a new WufWuf box of delicious treats and toys!

He’s straight into the box, and as you might expect from a lab, the first thing he pulls out is edible.

This is the first of three goodies in the box. I actually had to remove it from his mouth to photograph it (not fun) which is why the label is missing. It’s a Collagen Beef Donut, and it’s made from beef collagen – very good for joints and shiny coats – and beef, with a little plant fibre to hold it all together. All natural, and apparently delicious.

These Crispy Salmon Treats are also all-natural, and salmon is another very good thing for coats. They’re perfect for training and dog-walking treats as you can put a handful in your pocket.

Doggie Dippers are a lovely interactive goodie. They consist of little cookies with a flavoured peanut butter dip, and I’ve yet to meet a dog who doesn’t adore peanut butter! Caron is a good chocolate alternative for pups (not too much of course!) and as you do the dipping and feeding it’s a lovely way to promote hand-feeding.

Rather blurry picture here, as my pup had a wild time throwing around this City Transport toy, in the shape of an iconic red bus! It’s a pretty good size, perfect for throwing around, and has a lovely plush furry base for extra texture.

Another instantly-recognisable shape here, as Telepaw phone box toy. This is a bit smaller than the bus, but it has a squeaker inside too. Of course the design of both the bus and the phone box are great fun.

My pup has all his big teeth now, and so he’s much more rough with his toys, but they all seem to be holding up fairly well. One top tip though is that toys can be used even if the stuffing comes out. The seam of one of them, the microphone from the first box, finally gave way after a particularly heavy chewing session, so I pulled out all the stuffing and sewed it up again. The squeaker works fine, and the fluffy head and rope base are still perfectly intact, so the toy, which has been rather brutalised for several months is still perfectly useable and very much loved!

Charging around the room with his bus.

Our score: 9.8/ 10

I do love the selection of goodies they come up with. The toys are a great size for my larger dog, and given that he likes to chew a lot, they have proven remarkably resilient. Of course the designs are a delight too, whoever does the WufWuf graphics is marvellously creative. The treats are also very well selected. A bag of treats which will last a while and are portable, the dippers which are a fun treat to share, and the chew is something that keeps him occupied for a good long while. Very good for teeth cleaning too! The treats are full of good natural ingredient, which makes me very happy as we're raw feeders so we always prefer natural goodies. As always I'm terrifically impressed, and my pup - who gets bigger every day - is never bored with his toy basket full of WufWuf toys!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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