WufWuf – January 2021: Wuf Salad

Looking for a dog-friendly subscription box to keep your four-legged friend occupied during lockdown? Look no further, WufWuf is delivered every month and is packed full of amazing treats and toys!

This month’s WufWuf is themed Wuf Salad, so let’s check out what’s inside.

Wuf Salad

The first toy is a large interactive toy called a Wuf Salad. I’m sure you’ll have seen similar on YouTube and Instagram as they are proving very popular these days! The Wuf Salad has lots of felt fabric flaps where you can hide treats in and around, underneath etc, to encourage your dog to use their natural foraging skills and improve their sense of smell. It’s hand-stitched with no plastic parts and can be popped into the washing machine so it’s easy to clean. There’s a drawstring around it which you can use to adjust the toy to all breeds and sizes.

Now, if your dog is a Rottweiler like Toby, you’ll need to teach them how to interact with it properly as I found that Toby has a tendency to just pick things up, put them in his bed and basically destroy them! Thankfully, WufWuf included an instruction card with the toy and we’ve been following it with great results – Toby now loves it!

Petstages Orka Ball

The second toy is called an Orka Ball and it’s made from a strong and durable Orka material as it’s designed to stand up to tough play. You can fill it with small treats to keep your dog occupied for longer.

Toby loves his Kong and this is very similar but in a smaller ball format. I like that the material is very strong as Toby hasn’t been able to chew through it yet and he’s enjoying trying to work out how to get at the treats inside!

Posh Eats Chicken Fillets

For the treats, there are three different goodies this month. The first bag that I picked up is from Posh Eats and Toby loves these Chicken Fillets which contain added supplements to help maintain supple joints. They’re grain-free, gluten-free and low in fat.

True Instinct Beef Meat Bites

I’ve been using these Beef Meat Bites in the Wuf Salad and Orka Ball as they are a perfect size! Made from 100% all-natural beef with nothing else added, they’re ideal as a healthy training treat.

Veggie Carrot Treat

Finally, the last product is a Veggie Carrot Treat which is meat-free and comes in a tasty carrot flavour. They’re a really useful dental treat to feed your dog on a regular basis to keep their teeth and gums healthy.


Our score: 10.0/ 10

We love the WufWuf boxes!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

How would you rate WufWuf ?

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