WufWuf: Hairy Metal (A Puppy’s View)

I usually (along with my kitty) review the MyMeow box of toys and treats for cats. I recently acquired a puppy as well, and the lovely people at WufWuf, which the sister company to MyMeow were kind enough to send me their latest box of dog toys and treats for my puppy to try out. As you probably know, puppies need a LOT of entertainment, so I was absolutely delighted.

Puppies are also extremely excitable, and not at all inclined to pose for the camera, so these pictures are the few action shots that aren’t blurry!

With a bit of help, my pup managed to open the box. Here he’s having a good old nose inside.

This box is called Hairy Metal, and as you might suspect, there’s a musical theme to the items!

First out was this cool Microphone Squeaky Rope Toy. It was taken straight to his crate for a good old chew. It has a fluffy head, piece of rope on the end to play tug, and a squeak in the middle.

Next out was a Tough Toys Beef Bone. It’s a nylon bone with a beef flavour (to make it taste good when chewed, it’s not actually for eating!), and I was actually amazed that my dog enjoyed this, because usually he does not care for plastic bones. He has several already, all of which he ignores. But again it went to his crate and he chewed away happily.

The third toy was this amazing Rottie Blackpaw’s Guitar. Yes, it’s a dog toy in the classic Dean electric guitar shape! It’s tough fabric on the printed side, and the back is covered in fluffy plush. Pup had a seriously good time with that because he adores biting fluffy things. (Fortunately not the cat.) He also discovered a squeak in one of the points, which was extremely exciting. As you can see it even has a strap, so it’s wearable, but if you can persuade a three month old Labrador to wear a toy rather than trying to eat it, you’re a braver person than I.

Speaking of eating, there are treats too. Three bags of WufWuf’s own branded treats, in three excellent flavours, chicken, beef, and game. These treats are very nice indeed because they are made with real meat plus some veg and herbs. No grain, no sugar, and no fillers. This is really important to us because we raw feed, and these are great as training treats because bits of actual raw meat aren’t the easiest things to put in your pocket!

One more thing, which isn’t goody-related. The paper you can see him lying on is the wrapper inside the box around the goodies inside. Like MyMeow, the illustrations/presentation are absolutely brilliant.

Our score: 10.0/ 10

This was such a huge treat, and I'm so grateful to WufWuf for sending us this box. The toys were all thoroughly explored (that is, sniffed, chewed, shaken, and thrown around) and a couple of treats sampled (labs are greedy) and after all that excitement my puppy crashed out for a serious nap, which meant I could actually write this! This is really a brilliant box for dogs, not to mention puppies. It's fantastic for your dog to have a lot of toys to keep them occupied, and even more so for puppies with their tiny attention spans and massive energy, and this is a wonderful way to get a mix of treats and playthings every month. It would also be a marvellous gift for new puppy parents, but whether your fur baby is old or young, they will have lots of fun with WufWuf!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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