WufWuf: Fangtastic (A Puppy’s View)

It’s puppy treat time once again! This month’s WufWuf box of toys and treats for dogs has the perfect theme for the season – Fangtastic. Of course my beautiful puppy doesn’t know from Halloween, but the toys from WufWuf are always wonderful fun, and the owners can appreciate the designs!

My pup is now pushing seven months old, and it’s a lot more of an energetic task chasing him around as he busily explores the box! His is not a subtle approach, so all my pictures are ‘action shots’.

Skeleton Crew treat. These all-natural chews contain chicken and veg, and pup was just DYING to get his paws on it. In fact I had to chase him round the room to get it off him to be able to photograph it, because it’s the first thing he went for! (See his look of betrayal in the background.) It also looks appropriately creepy for Halloween.

The second lot of edibles is a bag of WufWuf Beef Treats. These own-brand natural treats are 60% beef, grain free,  and are brilliant for training treats. They can also be broken in half to make them last longer, and the bag seals to keep them nice and fresh.

Toy time! As you probably know, dogs get bored with the same toys all the time just like children, so having a good variety you can swap round every few days is really useful.

These are a set of Vampire Fangs. It’s the classic design where you hope the dog holds the toy just right to look like he’s got crazy teeth! Well, I wanted very much to be able get that cool picture, but my pup considered it more of a throwing-type of toy, so this is taken in a moment where it wasn’t a blur in the air. It’s quite tough material, and there’s a squeak inside, which lots of dogs go nuts for.

This adorable toy is called Vampy Candy, and it’s a little candy corn shape complete with vampire teeth and little bat wings! Talk about a fusion design. It’s super cute though, also with a squeak, and my pup loves playing with toys that have labels or tab-type flappy things on them, just like those wings.

The final, and quite large toy is called Count Dogcula! It’s got a touch embroidered face, a cape that’s just delightful to use for dragging around, and the reverse side is lovely and furry, which is a texture my dog adores to chew.

Don’t forget that dogs, like children, like playing with the box it came in. Between throwing toys around my pup had a delightful time tearing the box apart and leaving it scattered over the floor.

Our score: 9.8/ 10

Once again, a fantastic selection. I, or rather my dog, loves the textures, shapes, and squeaks of the different toys. And of course, treats are never going to be anything but gobbled up with delight. Having a longer-lasting chew and a bag of small treats is a really good balance, as the chew is extremely useful for when I need to distract him quietly, and training treats - an essential for dog owners, are in my pocket pretty much at all times. I'm also reassured that the treats are actually healthy, no grains or sugar. It's so important to ensure your pup has enough variety in his toys, and building a collection with new toys every month means I have plenty to rotate and keep his toy basket fun and interesting. WufWuf is a wonderful treat for dogs, and we all know that spoiling our furbabies is one of the greatest pleasures of life!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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