Boxcitement – September 2020: back to nature

The September box from the team at Boxcitement has a distinctly back to nature feel but with some pampering and treat-worthy components. With that autumnal and back to school feel all around us it was a lovely surprise to come home to and one that has definitely had a lot of use so far!

What’s in the box?

  • Two pairs of honeycomb earrings
  • A 100% Egyptian cotton wash cloth
  • Biodegradable toothbrush made from wheat straw
  • Feather print gift wrap and tag set
  • ‘Rockpool treasure’ design enamel pin
  • Hanging sign
  • A set of cat themed paper clips

The highlights

I love earrings so I was excited to see two pairs this month! I tend to prefer to wear silver day to day but it was nice to have two different options and I really like the honeycomb design. They are contemporary and fun without being too twee. I’ve already worn mine a few times and had lots of comments.

This toothbrush was a surprising but fun addition to the box this month. It’s really soft and very tactile and I like the spin on the theme of being in touch with nature. What’s more ‘natural’ than a biodegradable toothbrush? Mine is all packed away in my weekend bag, if we ever get to go away for a weekend ever again I’ll definitely be using it!

These paperclips were a great addition too. With more of us doing more work from home now my ‘craft’ area has turned into more of a working area so I need to find ways to keep on top of all my stuff. These have come in very handy indeed!

Keeping safe in the urban jungle

This wall sign made me laugh as I think its a good motto to remember. I’ve got mine hung up near my computer so that I can remind myself that I am powerful and that I need to stay strong – my work often involves a lot of social media and doing that for too long at busy and stressful times can definitely wear you down.

Washing the day away

When I am feeling worn down I like a bit of pampering so this cotton wash cloth was a great surprise. It’s very soft and the blush pink shade is nice and luxurious. Its lovely to see it amongst all the character ones (my sons) and old battered blue ones (my husbands). I’ve been using this with some fancy cleansers and it’s been lovely. A proper treat.

Probably my favourite item is this enamel pin badge. It’s really tactile and the colours are very uplifting. It reminds me of going rock-pooling when I was little and so every time I see if it brings a smile to my face.

Last but not least is this lovely gift wrap and tag set. I think its a lovely design and my favourite part is that its very unisex. I often find I have wrapping at home that will work for presents for female friends and family but not as much for the men and boys in my life. This could work for either and so I’m very glad to have it close at hand!

*After my review last month where I commented that I had already received similar versions of one of the items in a previous box, the team at Boxcitement got in touch. They pointed something out that I think is fair for me to share. I have been reviewing these boxes for a while now whereas most subscribers will only receive the box for 12 months at a time. In this time they should not receive similar items. I wanted to pass this on as I think it is a fair comment and it is great that the team take such great care to curate such unique surprises each month.*

Our score: 10.0/ 10

This was such a great box to receive this month; I loved the theme and the approach taken with the items too. It was brilliant to have such practical items like the face cloth and the toothbrush as well as the more frivolous cat shaped paper clips! I can't wait to see what else they have in store in future boxes.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

How would you rate Boxcitement ?

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