Nomakenolife: May 2024 – Natural Beauty Glow

This month’s nomakenolife box of Japanese and Korean beauty and cosmetics items is all about the Natural Beauty Glow. It’s the perfect theme for Springtime, when nature is doing its thing outside and we can follow suit with a natural look!

Skincare is a big focus this month. There are several skincare items, which is great for perking up the skin after the cold weather. The menu booklet tells you about each item, and there are also notes on specialty face masks and the featured cosmetics brand Daily Doll.

Rossi Moist Facial Cleanser is one of those gorgeous foaming cleansers that Japan does so well. This is a rice bran version, and you only need a tiny bit to produce a beautiful creamy foam that does a fantastic job of cleaning your face gently without any drying out.  The LINDSAY Modeling Mask Pearl Pack is a new product for me. It’s essentially a DIY-type mask. There is powder inside the container, plus a scoop, and you measure out the water, meix it with the powder, and you get the base of a peel-off mask. Apply, allow to dry and then peel! It’s a nice novelty to make it yourself, and the mask itself if very nice to use.

Mask time! Fist there is a MochiMochi Panda Mask. This sheet mask is is moisturising and soothing, and it also has a lovely yogurt scent. The Dr Dermal Facial Solution Mask is antioxidant and antibacterial, with a great moisturising effect. It also has a nice, slightly herbal scent, the serum is quite thick and plentiful, so it’s one better used at night.

Beausta CICA Care Cream is especially good for dry and combination skin, as it moisturises and soothes, due to the ingredient cica. The pouch packaging is also convenient, especially for travel.

The BT21 Makeup Sponge is a ‘mystery fan favourite item’, one of several possible items that have been in previous boxes. Makeup sponges are always handy to have!

The two cosmetic items are quite special. They are both from Mary Quant special editions for their 50th anniversary, and they are exclusive to the Japanese market. The Daisy Doll Watery Lip Tint is a fantastic product, which gives both colour and hydration. You can use a single layer for a subtle look, or layer for deeper colour and shine. The  other Mary Quant item is Daisy Doll Dual Colour Stick. This clever eyeshadow stick has two colours that can be applied separately, together, or blended for yet another look. It has great pigmentation, and also contains hyaluronic acid, which help prevent colour running.

Our score: 9.0/ 10

I do love a skincare-focused box! My favourite product this month is possible the least glamorous, the face wash. This is because I absolutely adore Japanese foaming washes and I feel like another one is long overdue! Also a highlight for me is the Modeling Mask. I love the DIY aspect, and the fact that it is slightly thicker than the typical peel off mask. I'm never quite convinced by the mystery item thing, they are often quite random and make me suspect that they are trying to get rid of overstock, but I'm actually quite happy with my makeup sponge because you can never have too many! The Cica cream is also lovely, and great for skin that has a hard time in the cold. The two makeup items are great, it's terrific to have special edition products, and the lip oil especially is good, another product that is always useful to have Overall this is a good selection, I'm enjoy the slightly back-to-basics vibe, quality skincare and fun cosmetics.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products8

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