MyMeow: Box 15 Autumn 2022 – Purrple

This month’s theme for MyMeow‘s box of toys and goodies for your beloved cat is based, for a change, on a colour – Purrple! (Get it?)

While it may not have quite such a magnificent pun as most of their themes, it’s a nice warm colour for the days that are getting ever colder.

First up are the treats – Webbox Tasty Treats Mini Stick and a pouch of delicious Blink! Cat Food. The Webbox treats are ten individually wrapped soft meaty sticks that can be given whole or cut up as tiny treats. The flavours are all very much in favour with my kitty, who dislikes fish but adores everything else. We’ve also discovered that we have to keep these in a cupboard as she is very capable of opening the wrappers!

She also loves Blink cat food, which is a superb-quality wet food. You get either Tuna & Salmon or this one, Chicken and Turkey. It’s another favourite, especially this flavour, though it’s a testament to its quality that she will still eat the fish version. But one of the lovely things about MyMeow is that you can tell them if your cat has any dislikes and they’ll make sure they don’t get that particular flavour in their box of goodies.

Time for toys! Purple all the way here. On the left is a Purr Pillow Kitty, which is a flat and fleecy cat toy that has a little box in its head that when pressed makes a lovely purring noise. great for cats that like company, and just lovely and soft for snuggling in general. The batteries can even be removed, as can the entire unit for washing.

The Kicker toy is a little cushion filled with catnip, plus an enticing feather and a bell inside so it tinkles when it is batted around. Catnip toys are, well, catnip, and my kitty also loves playing with feathers, so has a lot of fun with these.

As the nights get colder, something to keep kitty warm, this lovely Purple Blanket. It’s deliciously soft and fleecy, and as we know cats have a genius for finding the cosiest spot, this is perfect for her to snuggle up on. It’s also a beautiful colour.

Don’t forget that at the bottom of each box is a cardboard scratch pad. While it might not be the tidiest thing around, the texture is just right for claws and then it can be handily recycled when it’s finally been shredded!

Here is my kitty enjoying the feathery catnip toy. As you can see, the feather really is her favourite thing! She’s also sitting on the bed from the MyMeow box back in February – it’s become her favourite spot and it lives on ‘her’ chair. She didn’t feel like moving off to play, but the blanket will end up in another of ‘her’ spots around the house – there are an awful lot!

Our score: 9.8/ 10

My fluffball cat loves her creature comforts, so I'm very glad to have another blanket for her to cuddle up on. The toys are lovely as always, and hopefully the feather will survive her biting and chewing for at least a little while! I'm always happy to get the Blink cat food as it's a huge treat for kitty, and given she can be quite picky this is one thing she hoovers up without hesitation. While I always love the crazy punning themes of MyMeow, I don't mind at all that this one is basically a colour, everything inside is still fab, the illustrations are just as cute as always, and my very spoilt kitty is very happy with her treats.

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  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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