Gus & Bella – Whisker Me Away – August 2022

We all love treating our pets, but it’s nice to have treats ourselves, right? This is where Gus & Bella comes in, with a lovely selection for goodies for both cat and owner.

This month’s theme is Whisker Me Away, which is not only a splendid pun, but has a great summer holiday theme.

Cats love to play, and we’re got three toys here. A set of grump Cat Smelly Catnip Sardines,  and a Starfish Catnip Wooden Teaser. Of course the sardines don’t small nasty, they’re filled with really rather strong catnip that will keep kitty amused. The teaser is one of those toys on a string that cats adore to chase and pounce on, and the little starfish also contains a bell for extra excitement. the string bit is also tantalisingly fluffy, for kitties that enjoy a different texture.

There’s also a packet of Natural Catnip Leaves which are very useful for refilling toys or enticing your cat to scratch where you actually want her to!

Now for the treats, or rather bribes, for kitty. Thrive Wet Cat Food is high quality wet food, made with meat and absolutely no fillers or dodgy additives like sugar. The INABA Churu Creamy Treats are lickable, so you can feed them from the tube, spread them on a lickimat, or even freeze them for a cold treat on a hot day!

As for the owners, we’ve got some good stuff too. An adorable glasses case designed by Gus & Bella (excellent to stop your sunglasses getting damaged in your bag), plus a sachet of Mojito Cocktail Hydration Drink and a sachet of Green People Sun Cream. The hydration sachet is useful if you’re travelling somewhere hot, and a little but of sun cream is great in emergencies.

I’ve actually saved the best for last here, with this gorgeous Pushed Plush Travel Cushion and Eye Mask. This has to be one of the both cutest and cleverest travel accessories I’ve ever seen. It looks like just a cute Pusheen plush with a carabiner and zip, but you open it up to find an eye mask inside. Not just a regular eye mask, but it’s actually attached so you put the whole thing over your head. The eye mask part hold the cushion on the back of your head, or you could say the cushion holds the eye mask on. The strap is elastic so it won’t fall off, it’s soft and incredibly comfortable, and the rest of my family has now stolen it and can confirm that it is just lovely to wear.


Our score: 10.0/ 10

Well, between my husband and daughter cooing over the travel pillow/mask and my cat cooing over the food and toys, I'm feeling a bit left out! But I can confirm that everything is lovely, I've scattered catnip strategically around for the cat, and my sunglasses have a much better home than a pocket in my handbag. I must admit I saw the word 'mojito' and got very excited at the prospect of a cocktail, but the rehydration sachet is going to be staying in my bag for the next heatwave. What a brilliant selection this month! Everybody is happy, and I am plotting to take back my travel pillow.

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Gus & Bella

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Gus & Bella

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