TokyoTreat – July 2021

July always feels like the proper start of summer, and TokyoTreat is celebrating what (we hope) will be sunny days with the Summer Snackin’ box.

The menu booklet includes a list of all the goodies inside, plus the usual fun competitions and giveaways.

Fujiya Nectar Peach, Pocky Mint Choco, and Lucky Corn Tasty Salt Flavour.

Peach is a fantastic summery flavour, and this gorgeous peach nectar made from white peaches is the perfect drink for a sunny day.

The Pocky is a special summer-exclusive flavour. The biscuit stick is chocolate and it has a delicious chocolate mint coating. It reminds me of refreshing mint choc chip ice cream.

Puffed corn is a great Japanese favourite, and these crunchy salty snacks are a nice change from all the sweetness.

Caramel Corn Lemon Squash Flavour, Yamato Turtle Crackers, and Full Moon Pon Salty Flavour.

Japanese caramel corn is utterly delicious and comes in a multitude of flavours. It’s puffed corn with a caramel coating, and this lemon flavour si the perfect reminder of a cold drink of lemonade on a hot day.

Turtle crackers are so called because of the shape, like little turtle shells. Savory and crispy, they’re a terrific light snack.

The Full Moon Pon is so named because it resembles the full moon! Seasoned with salt from Okinawa, it’s another tasty snack.

Bubbly Taiyaki Choco Flavour, Tongari Corn Salted Vanilla Flavour, and  KitKat Pudding.

Taiyaki is a fish-shaped wafer filled with delicious bubbly chocolate. It’s the same shape as the popular Japanese street food pastry that is filled with red bean paste. This chocolte version is a real treat!

Ice cream is a favourite summer treat, and this caramel corn tastes just like creamy vanilla. The little twist of salt really brings out the sweetness.

Japanese KitKats are famous for their variety, and this is a brand new variety that taste just like delicious caramel pudding. One of my favourites yet!

Umaibo Sugar Rusk, Porickey German Potato Flavour, Umaibo Seaweed Salt, and Yaokin Fugashi.

These might look similar, but there are plenty of different flavours here!

The two Umaibo (which means delicious stick in Japanese) are contrasting, with the sweet sugar rusk flavour and the savoury which is given an extra salty dimension with the seaweed.

Poricky are like little pretzel sticks, and this variety tastes just like the delicious dish of potatoes with ham and cheese.

Fugashi is a traditional Japanese snack, a very crispy and light friend stick made of wheat and then flavoured with delicious brown sugar.

Yakisoba Shop Taro Snacks, New Mochi Taro, Melon Pandaro Butter Cookie, and Pudding Daifuku.

Taro snacks are a fun dried noodle snack with special sauce, and are reminiscent of the noodle soup which is a favourite at summer festivals.

The little mochi (crisp rice crackers) are the perfect savory bite.

The Pandaro cookie really does taste of melon, and it’s shaped like a cute panda face!

After the KitKats, pudding flavour is seen again in this delicious marshmallow which is filled with a delicious caramel custard.


Our score: 9.6/ 10

My favourites this month are the KitKats and the Pocky, no just because they're exclusive and limited edition but because they're so delicious! The Peach Nectar is also a huge treat, I'm a great fan of peach juice and this is perfect for a summer fix. The lemon caramel corn is definitely a more unusual flavour for this type of snack but it works very well. I love all the salty options, not least because I often enjoy savory things is the summer. All together this is a very good selection, and TokyoTreat is exceptionally good at getting hold of all the wonderful unusual and exclusive goodies Japan has to offer.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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  • Fun and tasty Japanese candies
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