• Fun and tasty Japanese candies
  • From £14.99

The TokyoTreat subscription box offers a monthly supply of Japanese snacks and sodas to destinations around the world. The brand prides itself on ensuring that each box dispatched is prepared to ensure that everyone gets happiness from each bite of the snacks.

The Japanese snacks are off premium quality, and all the snacks in the subscription box are from reputable manufacturers. Every snack in the box is prepared to help any consumer enjoy the beauty of Japanese snacks.

How Tokyotreat Works


To get started, you need to log on to the Tokyotreat website to choose a plan. Once you select a plan, your subscription gets activated.

Curation and Shipping

Based on your preferred plans, the Tokyotreat team then handpicks fun and unique snacks and drinks for your box. After this selection process, your box is then delivered to you.

Enjoy and Share

Once your box is delivered, you can then start to enjoy your snacks. You can also share reviews using the #tokyotreat hashtag.

What’s in the TokyoTreat Japanese Snack Box?

TokyoTreat only includes the best and most sought-after Japanese snacks in the boxes. So, the chances are that you would find popular Japanese snacks like KitKat and Pocky in your box. However, apart from this, you would also find traditional flavored snacks like the savoury matcha and the spicy wasabi. The box also contains several Japanese snacks from brands like Meiji and several others.

With the TokyoTreat Japanese Snack Box, you can rest assured you’re in for a treat.

Pricing Plans

TokyoTreat offers two major pricing plans for its subscription boxes: The Premium plan and the Classic plan. Both plans offer different boxes.

The Premium Plan

The TokyoTreat premium plan is offered at $31.50. It’s guaranteed you exclusive streak membership and 17 other items. This includes;

  • 1 Japanese drink (180~500 ml)
  • 1 Party pack
  • 1 Anime snack
  • 5 Popular Japanese snacks
  • 3 Dagashi
  • 1 DIY Japanese candy kit
  • 1 Japanese candy guide book

The Classic Plan

This plan is offered from $22.50. It also grants you exclusive streak memberships amongst 12 other fantastic items including:

  • 4 Popular Japanese snacks
  • 2 Dagashi
  • 1 DIY Japanese candy kit
  • 1 Japanese candy guide book

Once you subscribe, you get a chance to start growing your streaks. Also, TokyoTreats offers several timely rewards that could mean you are getting some extras in your box.

Why Choose the TokyoTreat Japanese Snack Box?

Apart from the fact that the TokyoTreat subscription box offers you a chance to get premium and exquisite Japanese snacks right from the comfort of your home, there are also some other perks that you get from subscribing with TokyoTreat:

Community Privileges

By subscribing to the TokyoTreat community, you get to meet other people who are also passionate about Japan and Japanese snacks. Here, you can get to share tips on how to enjoy your snacks better, exchange items, and get achievement badges.


Another perk of the TokyoTreat subscription box is that you get to grow your streak and grow points which you can use to redeem items on the long run.

All of these make the TokyoTreat subscription box worthwhile.

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  • Fun and tasty Japanese candies
  • From £14.99

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  • Fun and tasty Japanese candies
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