Nomakenolife: July 2024 – Sun-Kissed Beauty

Continuing the summer theme, the July nomakenolife box of beauty items from Japan and Korea is called Suun-Kissed Beauty. And this one is definitely full of summer vibes!

The menu booklet tells you call about the items in the box, and the origin. There’s also info on the latest lip trends and colours for summer this year, plus a style guide for one of the items.

Airy & Easy Hair Balm Stick is the perfect product to achieve the super sleek look and smooth away flyaway hairs. Super smooth ponytails and styles are a big thing in Japan this summer, and this is a great product to use, and the menu will tell you exactly how to apply for the best look.

The MayB Lash Set is a really special product. False lashes can often get messy with glue and adhesive, but this set takes a different approach. The lashes, that come in three varieties, natural, long, and super, attach magnetically, and the ‘glue’ is magnetic. You apply to the eyelid, wait, and then the lashes attach themselves! It’s a really clever alternative to traditional lashes, and the set also comes with special lash tweezers. There’s even a mirror in the inside of the box!

AS Glitter Eyeshadow is lovely for a little bit of summer sparkle. It’s a liquid shadow so can be used as a liner as well, and the glitter doesn’t wear off over time either. Dodo Hologram Lip Tint is another product with shimmer, but this has a holographic effect that changes the colour depending on the angle of your face. It goes on smoothly and is a very subtle colour, but it’s remarkably effective. The third sparkly item is a VOW Caviar Moist Touch Eye Colour Palette. It’s always useful to have these small palettes where you can mix and match and combine colours for different effects. The base colours can be used alone, or you can add the top ‘caviar’ shade for a shiny effect. The gold colour goes with practically everything.

Three masks this month! First, the Leungessmore Eye Mask is a refreshing mask to moisturise and revitalise tired eyes, great for after a late night. The One Day’s Your Nose Peeling Pack isn’t technically a mask, but rather one of those strips you place to clear clogged pores and blackheads. This is actually really good in warmer weather when the heat can increase greasiness in the skin. Finally the G9skin Self Rose Hydrogel Lip Pack. I really like these lip masks. Apart from the fact they look cute and funny, the gel is infused with rose water and hyaluronic acid, which is perfect for moisturising the delicate skin.


Our score: 9.0/ 10

This month's box has lots of sparkle, which is perfect for the summer months. There's more of an emphasis on cosmetics than skincare, but it's nice to have the makeup tie together so well. There's lots of opportunity for different looks, from light to dramatic glitter, and the holographic lip gloss is particularly fun. The eyelashes are also amazing, I love that there are three different sets to create different effects, and the magnetic aspect is very clever. Overall this is a really nice selection, great for summer.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products8

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