TokyoTreat – December 2023

Everybody knows what’s coming in December, and Japanese snack box TokyoTreat is celebrating the festive season with the Snacktacular Christmas! box of goodies.

While Christmas isn’t a traditional Japanese holiday, the country has taken lots of the fun of the festive season to its heart, and you can find plenty of Christmas-themed fun, including delicious treats. There’s even a special Christmas-themed packing box!

The menu booklet tells you about everything inside the box, including an allergy list. As well as the snacks, there is plenty to read about winter in Japan, and even how they celebrate Christmas – believe it tor not, eating KFC has become a new tradition!

First up, the regular KitKat. This month we have a really yummy variety, Strawberry Chocolate Cake KitKat! The dark chocolate bars are infused with strawberry, which is also in the filling, and they are rich and decadent, perfect for the festive season. There are also Snow Sugar Karinto, a unique Japanese snack made from crispy fried dough with sesame and sprinkled with sugar crystals for a snowy effect.

Christmas Pizza Corn Snacks combine a cute Christmas look with the not necessarily festive but certainly delicious pizza flavour corn puffs. These pizza snacks really do nail the herby and cheesy pizza flavour, and I’ll consider anything with Santa on to be Christmassy! The crisps are Our Potato Truffle & Rock Salt flavour, which are a lovely decadent touch, especially as we often indulge at the holidays.

The month’s noodles are Spicy Katakana Ramen. These noodles are thick and curly and the broth has a lovely heat, perfect for cold winter days. Calpis Soda is another uniquely Japanese product. It’s a fizzy milk soda, and while it might sound rather odd, it’s absolutely delicious. It’s sweet and tangy, rather like yogurt, and definitely has to be tried.

The gummies are described as Christmas Cake Gummies, and while it’s not the traditional Christmas cake flavours, I think the strawberries and cream flavour rather reminds me of trifle, which is also a great Christmas dessert. The little gummies also fit together to make a cute little cake!

More indulgence with Premium Ghana Chocolate Caramel. These are squares of salted caramel and chocolate, and are utterly delicious, with the perfect blend of flavours. After all the sweetness, the Sour Cream Potato Crackers are a nice tangy contrast, and the DonDonYaki Tonkatsu Sauce are a delicious rice cracker mix with a delicious umami flavour.

Some cute little candies now, perfect for hiding in a Christmas stocking! The Christmas Kokuou Donut is small but sweet and rich and flavoured with Okinawa brown sugar. The Snowball Marshmallow does indeed look like a little snowball, but much more tasty, with its soft outer and sweet bean paste filling.

The Streamer Marshmallow Sticks reminiscent of the party streamer decorations, and is very good with hot chocolate. Tiny rice crackers make up the Christmas Crunch Mix, a combination of salty and white chocolate flavours. Finally, an alternative to the traditional candy cane, a Chocolate Candy Cane filled with tiny balls of chocolate with a crisp sugar shell.

Our score: 10.0/ 10

I always love TokyoTreat, they have such great goodies, but this is one of the best boxes I've had. I love all the festive-themed items, and the fun Japanese twists on colours and flavours. I'm especially pleased with the Calpis soda, as I love it but it's extremely difficult to find outside Japan, so Santa has been nice to me this year! The spicy noodles are just right for this cold weather, and as always, the KitKats are a great favourite. Altogether a superb selection, perfect for festive snacking and treats!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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  • Fun and tasty Japanese candies
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  • Fun and tasty Japanese candies
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