imageSomething a little different. I have had various subscription boxes so far, so when I heard of PurrBoxes ‘the monthly cat box of toys and treats’ I just had to try it. Or at least let my cat, Misty had try it. Well, why should I have all the fun?

The box itself is small enough to fit in your standard letterbox which is ideal if you have a busy lifestyle. It is also addressed to your cat! A nice little touch, I thought as poor Misty is six now and hasn’t had any mail before.

The contents inside the box were well wrapped in purple tissue paper. Misty wasn’t far from me when I was opening this and knew from the scent it was something good.
Inside was a welcome card with PurrBoxes details on, a PurrBoxes newsletter detailing all of the contents and instructions, Dreamies Cat Treats, two fertiliser wheels, an envelope of grass seeds (one month supply), an envelope of catnip (one month supply), two fleece bow toys, a grooming mitt, a foxes mint and a small mouse toy.

image (1)Misty loves the Dreamies Cat Treats, they are great for treating your cat after a long day. The two fertiliser wheels were slightly confusing to me at first and if I hadn’t read the newsletter first, I’d have mistaken them for cat treats too! According to the instructions you soak the wheels in water and add them to your planted grass seeds. Cats love grass and even an indoor cat needs their own little patch. I’ll admit I’m not green fingered and most things I plant don’t make it past the seedling stage, but these seeds grew! Misty hasn’t shown great interest in her patch but it’s still early days. The catnip was a big hit with Misty. She doesn’t usually show an interest in catnip toys from our local pet shop so it isn’t something I usually supply. However, she LOVES the cat nip included. Some had spilled into the box and she was continuously rolling in it throughout the day.

Misty also loved the toys. Being six year old, she doesn’t show much of an interest in toys and tends to enjoy the quiet life. She did however play with the toys as soon as I put them in front of her. Looking at the fleece bows, they’re pretty basic and you wouldn’t think your cat would be interested. Misty loves tossing them up and catching them in her claws. Being fleece, they stick so it brings out her hunting side. She behaves like a kitten again when we have the toys out, which is great to see!

I loved how personal this box was to Misty, from the box being addressed to her, to the newsletter inside. The toys were all simple but she loves them. Just goes to show all the expensive toys out there for cats aren’t always the best. Cats are like a child with a box – easily pleased. The fullsized bag of Dreamies treats was a winner too. The brush, Misty isn’t keen on but I’m sure she will come around to it. She’s fussy when it comes to grooming. I quite enjoyed my treat too (the Fox’s mint), according to the newsletter, cats like minty breath. A fact I didn’t know.

image (2) image (3)
For me, this box is a great way to treat your feline friend and show how much they mean to you. It doesn’t break the bank and is fab if you have a busy lifestyle and can’t always make it out to the pet shop for treats. It’s great value for money too (let’s face it, pet’s toys and treats aren’t cheap) What more can I say? It’s purrfect! So two thumbs up from me and two claws up from Misty!

PurrBox image

When you sign up for PurrBoxes, every month you will receive a monthly cat box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your cat – specially selected toys and treats along with a month’s supply of cat grass and catnip!

Whether you’ve been living with your pet for years or have a new special feline in your life, PurrBoxes are the unique new way to keep your cat or kitten entertained, happy and feeling loved.

PurrBoxes are available as an individual gift or as a subscription. They contain treats and toys for your feline friend/family member to show you care. You simply select whether you’d like gift or subscription, enter your cat’s details and wait for your box.

One-off box: £9.95 + £1.99 delivery

Monthly subscription: £9.95 with free delivery

None at the moment.

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