MyMeow: Box 4 Summer 2021

My lovely furbaby was so excited when this month’s box of kitty treats arrived she got hold of it before I did…

Yes, those are teeth marks.

Anyway, I managed to distract her for long enough for me to unpack it and take some nice pictures before she got her paws on the goodies inside.

This month’s theme is #mymeowsic, a cute pun that gives a hint to some of the contents.

The MyMeowMag magazine inside deserves a special mention, as this is really the only thing that is at least nominally for owners. As always, there are some really interesting little articles, information pieces, and even a recipe, with plenty of things pertaining to the musical theme. The magazines are nice enough to keep and paw through from time to time.

Now for the things in which are most important to the most important recipient – the cat!

She’s ready to see what’s inside too.

Every kitty deserves a treat, and My Meow always provides a lovely selection.

We’ve got four bags this month, including the fantastic Innocent Cat Chicken & Duck Slices. The treats in the My Meow box are always excellent quality, very high in meat content and my cat always goes crazy for them. They must also smell quite strong for cats as she always makes a beeline for the bags!

She managed to get her teeth into one of the bags rather fast, as you can see by the ripped open corner.

This month’s toys definitely fit the musical theme. The GiGwi Melody Tube Fox makes a chirpy noise when it’s rolled around, and there’s also a fluffy tail attached to the inside for extra movement.

The little catnip ladybird on the right also make noises when its moved, and it also contains catnip for extra bonus fun.

And speaking of catnip, there’s also a pouch of lovely dried catnip in the box! This stuff is really fantastic and there’s a very generous amount so it should last ages. If you haven’t used it before it’s a herb (totally natural and harmless!) whose aroma make cats go all goofy and playful. You can sprinkle it on scratching posts and toys, and they really go nuts for it.

I put some on the fox toy and then added a treat inside. It was a great success!


Our score: 10.0/ 10

Every month my cat and I are delighted with My Meow! High quality healthy treats and really fun toys, what more do you need? It's especially important for cats who spend more time indoors to have plenty of fun things to play with, so you can rotate the fantastic collection of toys you'll acquire so kitty always has things to play with. I also love that the cat treats are so good, plenty of proper meat treats. Every single thing received has been enjoyed hugely. And as you can see, she now knows what the My Meow box means when it arrives! This is the perfect thing subscription for any cat lover. OK, never mind the cat lover, it's the perfect subscription for cats!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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