MyMeow: Box 2 Summer 2021

Anyone who owns a cat knows they rule the home and their owners are their willing servants! We also love to treat our furbabies, and the MyMeow box is designed to give you beloved kitty a bunch of goodies every single month.

This box is the first one you will be sent, and it always contains the same things, rather like a starter kit. Subsequent months will be a surprise, though they will always contain treats, toys and general goodies. When you subscribe you give your cat’s age and things such as preferences and allergies so your treats will always be tailored to your cat.

MyMeow definitely gets full marks on style! From the cute box to the awesome wrapping paper, it makes a great first impression.

Inside are your goodies, the MyMeowMag magazine, and as an extra bonus, underneath the wrapping paper is a corrugated cardboard slab which makes the perfect recyclable scratching board.

The magazine is excellent. This month’s box is a Grumpy Cat Edition. We all remember this cute cat with his funny cross face! Though he wasn’t really grumpy, it’s a great starting point for the ton of content in the magazine, including things about cat mood and behaviour. There’s also fun things like a recipe for your own homemade cat treats, plus vet advice and activities. The magazine is for you, now let’s look at the things for kitty.

HeyLove Natural Detox Drink

While I must admit I’m not 100% convinced that cats need to detox, at least if they’re being fed properly, I think this look like an interesting product. We put a bit on food, as it doesn’t really have too much taste, and there’s no objection! Although cats are carnivores they do occasionally like to eat grass, and I can’t see any problem with this. Of course it’s also true that there are an awful lot of unpleasant chemicals around, even in the home, that cats as well as humans are exposed to, so anything to counteract this is useful!

Pet Munchies 100% Natural Cat Treats, Natural Eats Duck Fillet Strips, and Sheba Creamy Snacks.

The Pet Munchies and Natural Eats treats are just wonderful. Super high protein, natural ingredients and no rubbishy filler (cats are not meant to eat cereals!) and judging by our cat’s reaction to them, super delicious. The Pet Munchies are dried liver, and while you don’t want to give your cats too many at once, they are totally junk-free. The Natural Eats are also excellent, out cat adored the chicken ones in last month’s box so we’re delighted to have more. As for the Sheba, while I’m less impressed with the ingredients there’s no doubt the cat loves them! Definitely a special treat here, and as they’re a very soft part I can imagine they would be very good for cats who need to take medicine.

MotoMouse Cat Toy

This funny orange toy actually moves on its own! It sort of vibrates and that moves it slowly along and around in circles. My cat want entirely sure what to do with it, as she’s not played with anything that moved of its own accord before. But after looking perplexed, and slightly startled when it came towards her, she decided it was definitely be something that could be amusing.

The plastic casing is soft so safe for teeth, and the battery compartment is closed with a mini screw, so there’s no chance of it coming undone and damaging kitty. It also comes with two button batteries so no worries about not being able to play right away!

Grumpy Cat Catnip Toy and Ball Toy

Both of these toys have their unique points. One has a long feathery tail and is filled with catnip, and the other one contains a little rattling ball, which means it moves in an unpredictable direction when batted with a paw.

Apparently they are also rather good for chewing purposes.

Our score: 9.8/ 10

Well. my cat might not have the most cheerful face, but I promise you that she (and we!)) were super happy with all the goodies in this box. I love that the treats are healthy, and the cat toys are a great deal of fun. I've never seen a battery-powered toy before, and it is a fantastic addition to our, or rather kitty's collection. Kitty also adores chewing things (not just the toys) and the cardboard scratchpad and paper is an extra bonus amusement. We are all so incredibly impressed by this box, it's so well balanced with toys and treats, and it's the perfect amount to keep you going for the weeks when you're waiting for the next one to arrive! I should mention that I actually emailed to tell MyMeow that my cat wasn't keen on fish, and so they kindly noted this and are making sure that her treats will be non-seafood! This is really useful in case you have a cat that can be a little fussy. Though to be honest, everything is so delicious I think fuss will be kept to a minimum!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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