MyMeow: Box 17 Winter 2022 – Merry Purrmas

It’s very nearly December, and of course that means it’s time for all things Christmassy! And as pets are part of the family it’s only fair they should get their own festive goodies.

MyMeow has made it very easy to spoil your kitty over the holidays. Of course I hope that my cat isn’t going to be emulating the MyMeow kitties by climbing all over the tree! But at the moment she’s having a sulk, possibly because the dog chewed her favourite bed, and she didn’t want to play with anything, so there are no action shots this month. She also doesn’t like the cold weather. Hopefully she’ll be in the Christmas spirit soon though!

Plenty of excellent toys this month. There’s a Santa Toy With Catnip, which is always a favourite with my kitty (when she’s not cross with the dog). The rope arms and legs are very wobbly which makes plenty of movement when it gets thrown around. There’s also a Rudolph Door Hanger which loops over the door handle with bells and ribbons hanging down to bat around.

Delightfully, we have a proper Christmas Stocking especially for kitty! And not only that, but it actually has toys inside. There are little balls with different textures and also a fluffy mouse with a feathery tail, which my kitty likes very much. This will be saved for actual Christmas Day and we’ll hang it up with the family stockings.

Blink Cat Food is one of the best-quality foods you can get for your cat. It’s basically meat and a bit of gravy/jelly, and it’s really delicious. Appropriately enough for the season it’s chicken and turkey, which means we don’t have to share our Christmas lunch!

Not only Christmas lunch, but a whole advent calendar! This is from Scrumbles, which makes lovely grain-free pet treats, and there are goodies for every day leading up to Christmas. This is a really special treat, and I’m sure kitty will be extra excited to be getting treats every morning.

Don’t forget the scratch pad at the bottom of every box!

Our score: 9.8/ 10

I love this festive selection, and the Advent Calendar is absolutely brilliant! It's also reminded me that we need to get one for the rest of the family. I'm very pleased to have a special Christmas stocking for kitty as well, as well as some lovely new toys, which will be a very useful distraction from the Christmas tree!

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  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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