MyMeow: Box 16 Autumn 2022 – Spurrky Box

MyMeow, the toy and treat box for beloved kitties, is celebrating October with the pun-tastic Spurrky Box of creepy-themed goodies.

You can’t fail to miss the Shining reference, right? Nothing like a pair of creepy kittens to watch out for at Halloween.

Here’s are this month’s treats. There’s a package of Inaba Creamy Treats, which are individual sachets of delicious meaty cream (nicer that it sounds!). They’re lovely for topping meals, or for feeding by had as a treat, and they also work brilliantly spread on a lickimat. My cat loves these!

The other treat is slightly different from the one in the menu. Official the other treat is a bag of HiLife Whitefish Treats, which are wonderful freezer-dried pieces of fish. The brand does other types too, and they’re all excellent, 100% meat or fish. However I’ve got these Whiskas Temptations, because my cat dislikes fish.

One of the lovely things about MyMeow is that they can adjust things like treats if your cat has any particular dislikes, which works very well for my fish-hating kitty.

This month’s toys have a terrific spooky theme. There’s a Witch Hat Doorknob Hanging toy, which has a loop to hang from a doorknob or perhaps an armchair, or even just to swing it around! There are two little bells which tinkled swing enticingly too.

The other toy is a Wiggle Worm, a catnip-infused rubber worm that is great for biting and chewing play. It’s good for teeth and gum health too.

Finally, there’s an extra-fancy scratch pad in the shape of a Spooky Laptop. There are those twin kitties again. The lid flips up too, which is an extra source of entertainment!

My fluffball had a great time batting the bells on the witch’s hat around!

Our score: 9.2/ 10

I do love a seasonal themed box, and Halloween is the perfect time for it. My cat loves toys that move and make noise, and while she's just sniffed at the worm so far, I know she's very keen on catnip so she'll probably play with it when I'm not looking! She is also a big fan of treats, and while she is often quite fussy, MyMeow treats always manage to tempt her. I do appreciate that MyMeow tailors their boxes, as I know there will always be delicious things she likes. Different toys, as well as treats of course, are so important to keep pets amused, and this is a wonderful way of ensuring they don't get bored, with lots of variety of play and interaction.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products8

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My Meow

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My Meow

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