MyMeow: Box 13 Summer 2022 – Funshine

The latest MyMeow box of goodies for your beloved kitty has the perfect theme, given the onset of crazy hot weather – Funshine!

I mean, July is summer, but who knew we were going to have such a giant heatwave? But MyMeow has managed to select some lovely, and season-appropriate goodies especially for the feline family members.

Mouse Cube, and Fiesta Mice

While mice might not traditionally be cube-shaped, this fun soft toy includes catnip for extra excitement, and the flappy ears and whiskers give extra movement when batted around. The long tail also has a bell on the end, and cats love toys that jingle. The two little fiesta mice, as well as being brightly coloured, are the perfect size to pick up and carry around, especially if you don’t fancy kitty carrying around real mice! The feather tail of one of them is especially interesting to cats.

Blink Cat Food, Natural Eats Mini Strips, Pet Munchies Beef Liver Treats

MyMeow always has the most wonderful treats. Grain free, with no sugary nasties, these always go down a treat with my cat. The Blink cat food is something I’ve tried before and is some of the best out there, it’s made from proper gently cooked meat with gravy and all that’s added is just a little bit of vitamins and minerals. Very tasty and always a hit. The others are similarly natural, dried meat and dried liver, perfect little morsels of goodness.

Ceramic Cat Bowl

This adorable dish is just the right size for food or water. The design around the edge shows all kind of cute cat characters, and ceramic is one of the best things for dishes for your pets. Ceramic doesn’t pick up smells, it’s much better to clean, more hygienic and nicer all round than plastic. And unlike dogs, cats are very unlikely to try to run off with their bowl and risk breakage! So you don’t have to worry that ceramic isn’t as robust.

Cooling Mat

This is a stroke of genius to include, and just in time for summer. Cats, with their fur coats, can get very uncomfortable in hot weather, and this is specially designed to draw heat away from the body giving a cooling effect. You can even put it in the fridge! It’s also nice and soft and comfortable, as well as having a really fun design! The perfect thing to have around all summer in the coolest spot in your house.

Don’t forget the recyclable scratch pad in the bottom of the box!

It has definitely been rather hot for my very fluffy kitty, playing has been far too much effort, but she did rouse herself long enough from snoozing on the cold tile floor (he favourite spot in hot weather) to investigate the little fiesta mice.

Our score: 9.8/ 10

The cool mat really was a clever thing to include this month, and not a moment too soon! It should be useful all summer long. I also adore the ceramic dish, it's such a lovely design and I'm a big advocate of not using plastic for food storage or eating at all, and I apply that to my cat's food too! I'm super happy about having another selection of perfect treats, all of which are very popular with my cat. They're the perfect size and not sticky or wet either, so they can be scattered quite safely on the carpet. All in all a great fun - not to mention prescient! - box.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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My Meow

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