Gus & Bella – September 2023 – Cats At Home

After a sunny (I hope!) summer, the days get longer and we definitely like to spend a little more time in the home, so with that in mind, the latest box of goodies for cats and their humans from Gus & Bella is Cats At Home.

The box looks so pretty, and everything is beautifully presented, from the tissue cover with the mascot sticker, to the menu card. It lists everything inside the box and tells you all about the different products. As Gus & Bella often include items from small independent businesses, it’s lovely to know more about them!

First, goodies for kitty.

There’s a rather fancy-looking Grilled Tuna Fillet in Broth from Ciao. It’s technically a treat, but it’s a very generous one! There is also a package of Churu Chicken and Cheese Treats. These are little pouches of delicious cream, which are great for hand feeding, or as a topper for meals. I have to say that my cat loves these so much she has been known to steal the pouches and bite her way through them to get at the inside!

Two toys this month. A wobbly Treat Dispenser in the same of a little mouse. You fill it with small treats and as the cat bats it around treats fall from the holes in the side. I think cats probably take us for granted so it’s one way to have them play for their supper!

Also there is an exclusive Paws Up Boutique Feather Kicker. Paws Up is an independent UK company, and this cute pillow with a feather tease attached is handmade and filled with lovely catnip. Just the thing for kitty to work off all those treats.

This Ceramic Raised Cat Bowl is just adorable. It’s got a sweet cat face and shape, and it’s angled for ease of access. And even more adorably, it has little paws at the front! It’s so nice to have a good solid food dish, much better than those flimsy plastic bowls. Plus it looks extra cute on the kitchen floor!

And now, for the humans.

Two items from Rex Nine Lives: bamboo toothbrush and seed of four coasters. They both have a lovely pattern of all kinds of rather humorous cartoon cats. The coasters are cork-backed (very important to protect your surfaces), and the toothbrush is 100% biodegradable. It’s the perfect size for a travel toothbrush too. I’m a big fan of coasters because I really hate drink rings on the furniture!

I do like the Hanging Heart Sentiment Sign. I would say that our kitty is definitely spoiled, though one of the lovely things about Gus & Bella is that the humans are spoiled too! And the delicious Raw Halo Premium Chocolate is definitely something to spoil us. It’s yummy dark chocolate with raspberry, a gorgeous combination and a nice big bar too. It even takes into account possible dietary requirements, as it’s gluten and dairy free, and also vegan. Delicious!

Our score: 10.0/ 10

I can say with complete confidence that both cat and human have been completely spoiled this month. The treats for both are top-notch and a favourite with all, and the home accessories are both cute and useful. I'm very pleased to have another set of coasters, and a spare toothbrush is always useful to have around for weekends away. My kitty is going to be delighted with her goodies, especially the Chicken and Cheese treats, as long as I can hide them well enough so she doesn't steal them! The bowl is a lovely thing to have, and the hanging heart is going to be saved for the Christmas tree. Once again, a fantastic selection of treats and surprises for all!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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Gus & Bella

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Gus & Bella

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