Gus & Bella – Purr for Nature – June 2022

Gus & Bella takes the idea of treating your darling kitty, and throws in some goodies for you as well! after all, don’t pet owners deserve treats too?

This month is all about natural goodies for you and your cat. Think eco-friendly, recycled, and green!

Here’s two excellent toys for kitty: two 100% Wool Ball Toys from Mimi’s Daughters. These lovely rolling balls are handmade from felted will and nothing else, and are a great texture too. There’s also a Handmade Ivy Catnip Cushion made in the UK by Willow’s Wonders, filled with catnip and made from 100% cotton. Perfect for throwing around!

Two delicious things (for the cat!). A tin of Untamed cat food, which is all-natural, high protein, with none of the nasty fillers you get in many cat foods. For those kitties who like kibble, there’s also a bag of Catit Tuna, a fascinating product that derives some of its high protein content from insects! Insects are actually a very nutritious source of protein, and it helps lighten your carbon load. As an extra bonus, the bag can be recycled too.

Now for the humans, a set of Gus & Bella Stainless Steel Straws. I’m a big fan of reusable straws, and these are really pretty. They also come with two cleaning brushes, which are absolutely essential, so very thoughtful to include. You can also see a roll of Green Poop Bags. Not for poop that’s green, rather they are completely biodegradable and compostable and made from sugar starch. Poop is an unavoidable part of pet ownership, but these definitely help to limit your plastic waste.

Human treats too! Teapots Kombucha is just as yummy as their regular tea. Kombucha is great for gut health, and a fantastic healthy alternative to regular sodas. Now, chocolate may not be healthy, but Gnaw makes their delicious chocolate in the UK with an eye to eco-consciousness; you can even compost the packaging!

In the spirit of reusing things, this cute Foldaway Shopping Bag is made from recycled materials, and has a fun cat design. These bags are so useful, I have them everywhere, in the car, in my handbag, you never know when you’ll need one and they always get used regularly.

Finally, a couple of little decorative items. A Decorative Wood Slice, handprinted in Dorset, and you can use it as a keyring or even a Christmas ornament. Also this cute Platinum Jubilee Fridge Magnet featuring Gus and Bella themselves! What an adorable patriotic little bonus.


Our score: 10.0/ 10

I love the thinking behind this eco-friendly box of treats. Recycled, compostable, and sustainable items, as well as those supporting small businesses. Of course the Gus & Bella packaging is all recyclable too. I've also discovered some new brands; I have a fussy kitty so I'm always looking for new things for her to try. I think it was very clever to include chocolate - it'll be a nice reward after it's necessary to use the poo bags. Gus & Bella is a terrific way to treat both you and your cat, and I'm going to be enjoying my goodies as much as she is!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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Gus & Bella

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Gus & Bella

  • Treats for cats & humans
  • From £25.52