Gus & Bella – Feline Spooky – October 2022

A Gus & Bella box is always a huge treat! With goodies for both kitty AND human, this is the perfect box to please everyone.

As it’s October there’s a fantastic Halloween theme Feline Spooky ’22. The box is presented so beautifully, and even the little cat on the sticker is wearing a witch’s hat, it looks so adorable!

And as you can see, the usual white shredded paper (all packaging is recyclable) has been swapped for seasonal black. Such a cute postcard too!

Treats for kitty first. Arden Grande Tasty Liver Treat  is a very clever product. It’s squeezable liver pate, which you can give as a treat, use to disguise medication, or mix some with water to tempt a fussy kitty to eat their food. The tube is non-messy, and you can even feed it direct from the tube then just put the lid back on.

There’s also a generous-sized bag of Arden Grange Grain Free Cat Food. It contains plenty of fresh chicken plus nutritionally appropriate supplements, and like the pate is grain free. This is a good thing because cats do not need grain in their diet!

There are some fab seasonal toys in the box too. The Valerian Spooky Cat Toy has an adorable Halloween picture on it. And in practical terms, valerian might not smell nice to people but it smells very good indeed to cats, and has also been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in cats. Especially useful as Firework Night is just around the corner.

The Willow’s Wonders Cat Teaser is handmade from all sustainable materials. Cats love to chase and pounce, and teaser toys are perfect for encouraging this natural behaviour. Plus it’s in terrific bright colours!

The little Felt Pumpkin Toy is nice for batting and rolling around, another natural behaviour that cats enjoy. It’s also super cute, though I must confess that at first I thought it was a pincushion!

Now for the human treats.

Winter is coming, which means cold feet, but here’s the perfect thing to keep them warm – Wild Feet Cosy Black Cat Slippers. As it turn out, they are so nice that my daughter has confiscated them, so  I’ll be putting up with cold feet myself. But she tells me they are extremely soft and snuggly.

There’s a lovely accessory too, a pair of Black Cat Sterling Silver Earrings. An adorable acrylic cat shape, slightly glittery, and the stem is made from silver. Very cute for a subtle Halloween look.

Chocolate is definitely a treat rather than a trick, and a bar of Gnaw Millionaire’s Shortbread Chocolate is a very welcome treat! It’s excellent quality, and utterly delicious.



Our score: 10.0/ 10

I love love Gus & Bella boxes. They always have such lovely and quality items, and they also source from small businesses, which I think is fantastic. The selection is always excellent, and the themes are great fun and work really well. I'm slightly miffed that my daughter has decided that not just the slippers but the earrings should in fact being to her, but never mind, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to borrow them. Nobody is taking kitty's goodies are least! And the chocolate is definitely mine. For both cat and owner this is no tricks, all treats!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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Gus & Bella

  • Treats for cats & humans
  • From £25.52

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Gus & Bella

  • Treats for cats & humans
  • From £25.52