Gus & Bella – Easter Kitty

Subscription boxes are always a treat, and we can get them specially for our pets as well as ourselves. Gus & Bella have cleverly combined the two with a subscription box for pets AND their owners, so no one needs to feel left out!

The box is a lovely sophisticated design, and the little menu card sits right on top. Appropriately enough this one is called Easter Kitty, which is perfect timing for the time of year.

As you can see, the presentation is lovely, from the descriptions in the card to the goodies inside being wrapped in tissue and sealed with a kitty sticker. It certainly makes it a lovely experience to open!

So what’s under the tissue?

Moodify Let Cat Little Box Odour Eliminator

Now everyone who has an indoor car knows that their litter tray can get a little whiffy. This genius little invention is designed to be hung above the litter tray and it removes and nasty smells, and it really does work too! It lasts for two weeks and really does make a different. And if you don’t have a litter tray it can also be used in the bathroom (though let’s not think too closely why) and it works equally well. This is a really clever and useful gadget.

Catit Dinner Wet Food

This is truly a luxury meal for a cat! They are made of two layers, with food made from natural fresh ingredients plus a delicious broth. This is a premium food, and doesn’t contain any horrible fillers such as cereals, soy, or grains. There are two packs so you can see which your cat enjoys, or most likely both! Natural cat food is very important, especially as there is so much dry food about, and this is a lovely way to try a really high-quality food.

Bonds Hoppy Easter Treats & Teapots Snooze Tea

People treats now! A lovely pack of dummies and mini eggs, either to save for Easter or to have now, whichever you like!

The sleepy tea is very pleasant indeed if you like a hot drink before bed, and who knows, maybe you’ll sleep as well as kitty. It’s also safe for your kitty to have a taste too, though they certainly don’t need any help falling asleep!

Eco-Friendly Bird Teaser

This is a very attractive toy indeed. The wooden handle is attached to  a bendy wire which has a little loop on the end to attach the remarkably realistic bird. Complete with feathers, it swings back and forth on the wire and is tantalising for your cat! It also look very nice, being make with natural materials, and quite a difference from the bright plastic things you see so often for pet toys. So even if your kitty doesn’t chase birds in the garden, they will definitely be able to indulge their natural hunting instincts with this toy.

Curious Cats Over Glove & Chester the Cat Bone China Egg Cup

I think you can never have too many oven gloves, and this kitty design is really cute and will look fantastic in any kitchen. It’s also long enough to fit over your wrists and save them from hot oven shelves!

The little china eggcup is also adorable, such a lovely design with the ginger cat looking up at you.

Hatchwells Easter Egg For Cats

Why should humans get all the fun at Easter? This amazing egg has been created just for cats, and while it looks like a traditional chocolate Easter egg it’s made from totally kitty-safe ingredients and flavoured with yogurt and catnip for extra temptation. It does contain sugar, so don’t be too generous all at once, but it’s such a lovely idea so everyone in the family can have their own egg this Easter, cats included!

Here is our kitty having a wild time with the bird teaser toy! As you can see she was moving very fast, so these are real action shots.

Our score: 10.0/ 10

I have to say, this is absolutely brilliant! I just love the idea of a combination box for cats and people, as let's face it, we love treating our furry friends but I still get a bit jealous when mine gets lots of goodies and I don't, so this is the perfect combination so nobody feels left out. My kitty adored the toy and the food, though we're saving both our Easter treats for the holiday weekend (if I can resist them that is). The oven glove is incredibly useful too, and I have a random collection of odd eggcups so this fits in perfectly. Overall this is a wonderful subscription, perfect for kitty and their humans!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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Gus & Bella

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Gus & Bella

  • Treats for cats & humans
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