Bunny Box June 2015 box review


Oh my Hop!!!!! My Bunny Box came so quickly!!! I was super excited as it was massive!!! Couldn’t wait for mum to be home so we could open it together!!!

As you can see from the photos, there was LOTS of stuff! And the smell, when we opened the box, was like heaven!! Fresh, fruity, herby, it smelt like a beautiful field!!! Hop hop!!
20150625_212108So what did I find in the box:
– Boredom breaker: I don’t really like toys, I have to admit that I prefer soft toys, but I did have a little play with this one!!! Mum kept putting it in front of me and I kept putting it in my mouth and throwing it away!!! That was fun!!!! I haven’t managed to chew through it yet, but I will keep trying!
– Harvest festival: wah; that is like the longest herbs I’ve ever eaten!!! They fit in my cage so that was perfect! Lovely to nibble away, great for my teeth!
– Herbal garden: this is supposed to help for my little tummy, but I think mum doesn’t know where to put it in my cage, she put it in my food bowl and that got me upset as I want the carrotys there!!!! But going to try having them in the cage directly!
– Alfalfa ring: This is literally hanging in my cage; that is so fresh!
– Herbs Plus: Loooove those!! Love the fact that there are so many different textures!!!! I definitely prefer to have them in my cage!! Been nibbling all night!!!
– Carrotys: now that is the best thing ever (after chocolate…. or maybe equivalent!!), I loooooove them so much. They make my day!!! I’m allowed a couple in the morning and evening, I can’t wait to get one when I hear the box rattling!! I’m totally addicted!!!!!


So overall, I loooooove this Bunny box!!! The quantities are massive, even after a couple of weeks it still smells gorgeous!!! I really hope I will get more, cause I’m loving it!!! Nibble Nibble!

Bunny Box is the first rabbit subscription box to hit the UK and has had a massive success in its first month.

The Bunny Box features 6 products each month, 2 toys, 2 treats and 2 food items – all of which are all natural and super tasty and safe for rabbits to eat and play with.

We send out our Bunny Boxes the same day you order, unlike other subscription boxes which make you wait 3 weeks for delivery! If you order on a Monday you have your box on Wednesday!

Our boxes can be bought as a one off or as a monthly subscription, with discounts the longer you subscribe.

We have had over 50 5* reviews in the past few weeks from our happy customers!

So if you want to treat your bunny then grab them a Bunny Box today!

15€ per month or £13.00 per month for 12 month subscription

Free uk delivery

None at the moment.

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Bunny Box

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Bunny Box

  • For Rabbits and Guinea Pigs
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