ZenPop Stationery September 2022 – Skylight Treasures

Japan produces the most gorgeous stationery, and every month ZenPop selects a box for of gorgeous pens, paper, and other fun things to write, draw, and organise your life! It also reminds us that screens are no substitute for using actual pen and paper, and lovely stationery makes the experience so much nicer.

The box is really cute, and everything is wrapped up nicely. The little bunny card tells you the month’s theme, and there’s  QR code to scan which takes you to a full list of everything inside with all the details you need.

Schedule You Masking Tape from World Craft, Tenohira Tosyokan Fusen from Kamio Japan

Washi tape is super useful. I use it in my journal and scrapbooking, and you can write on it too! The little booklet on the right contains a variety of sticky notes, which are really handy for study notes, as bookmarks, or even for leaving tiny messages for loved ones. The designs are very pretty, with traditional Japanese symbols such as cherry blossom, and also literary themes.

Frixion Ball Slim 0.38 Toumei Body from Pilot, 2 Way color marker from Kokuyo, Button style Stamp Pochitt6 from KODOMO NO KAO

I love pens! The Frixon Slim pen (in either pink or blue) has a nice bright colour, and the most amazing thing about it is that it is actually erasable! I tried it out and it works perfectly. The line is very fine, which is great for making small notes and delicate drawings. The double marker comes in either pink or yellow, and works just like a highlighter. As well as the thick highlighter nib, the other end has a superfine tip in grey, which is great for underlining or writing.

The stamps are incredibly cute. They come in a strip with little tiny icons, which are perfect for using in a diary or journal. They don’t require a separate ink pad, instead you just place the strip where required and push down on whichever button you like, and it leaves a perfect imprint of the icon shown.

STUDY MANAGEMENT CARD from Iroha Shuppan, PLAIN COLOR Slidy Keshigomu from CRUX, Nuance color 30cm Oritatami Scale Misuty from Q-LIA

These little cards are like mini diary pages, so you can fill them in and see your calendar at a glance. They could also be used for scheduling study or work sessions, or even playdates for the kids! They’re small enough to fir in a notebook or planner, or just stick them up on the fridge.

Erasers are easily lost, so I’m happy to have a new one! This one comes in a special sliding case to stop it getting grubby in your pencil case. It’s also lovely quality, erases really efficiently and doesn’t damage the paper.

The ruler is also a very clever thing. It’s 15cm but unfolds into a full 30cm, so it’s compact enough to keep in a small pencil case. It’s also a fun colour combination.

Silicon Pen Case NoFF from Sun Star, NIPPON Wa seal from Kamiiso Sansyo

I’ve never seen a silicone pencil case before, or indeed one that doesn’t zip up, but this is actually a very clever design. Pens can be pushed through the little slot on top, they won’t actually fall out, but they can be taken out very easily as the soft case opens u. It comes in one of two colours, this beige and also blue. It’s compact so fits into a smaller bag, and while ti might not work that well for pencils, because it’s soft, it’s a lovely way to keep a separate selection of pens.

Stickers are always lovely to have, and ZenPop stickers are super cute. These little seals show traditional Japanese foods, and they include the names written in English too! They have a foil edge for extra sparkle.



Our score: 10.0/ 10

Another gorgeous selection! I really like that there is a great balance of items, with paper goods, pens, and storage. The wash tape is a real favourite of mine as I love using it (and collecting it!). The pencil case is really useful too, my only slight regret is that I got the beige on instead of the blue one, as I don't think the beige colour is very interesting. But as it's incredibly practical and works very well I don't really mind very much! The stamps are really clever, I've been using them in my diary, and it's incredibly useful that they come with their own ink. Overall this is a lovely collection, great quality, and very useful additions to my stationery stash!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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