YumeTwins – Japanese Kawaii June 2022

This month’s box of kawaii goodies from Japan has an awesome theme: Kawaii Game Night!

Gaming covers so many options,  whether card games, board games, or computer games. Such a fun idea to add a kawaii twist!

Gaming, especially computer games, is a big part of Japanese culture. Inside the menu booklet, as well as telling us about the goodies inside, there is a ton of fun and interesting information about Japanese gaming, including such famous game characters as Kirby, and also the Japanese version of Rock Paper Scissors!

Kawaii Kirby Re-Ment Mini Figure, Pokemon Juice Can Keychain Pouch

This adorable mini figure is from the Re-Ment Terrarium collection, and is one of six little scenes featuring Kirby enclosed in a plastic bubble. It’s a really cute and tiny object to display, and the scenes have such great character. Keychain pouches are very popular in Japan, and this mini soda can-shaped one is a great size for keeping emergency cash, mints, small personal items, keys. It’s also the perfect size and shape to take on a dog walk to hold those all-important poobags, and it would clip perfectly onto your leash or bag!

All Purpose Bunny Keychain (mystery item)

This cute bunny is a relatively new kawaii character, and is a friend of the Gloomy Bear. This acrylic keychain actually popped up in a All Purpose Bunny-themed box back in November, but it’s so lovely I don’t really mind having two!

YumeTwins Original Magical Nyan Nyan Plush Controller, YuMETwins Exclusive Sanrio Loose Socks

Anyone who’s into gaming will know about controllers, and YumeTwins have made lovely specially designed plush version with their own mascot Nyan Nyan. It’s such a cute take on a game controller, and it works well as either a little pillow or just a cute plush.

Loose socks are a thing in Japanese kawaii fashion, longish thick socks worn bunched up around the calves and ankles. They actually remind me of 90s fashion! (ou can read more about them in the menu booklet.) YumeTwins have created four exclusive Sanrio designs, and the ones I have here feature Kuromi, nemesis of My Melody. They’re really nice socks, great to wear either outdoors or as slippers in the home, and the name on the sole is made from that rubbery material that stops slipping – very useful.

Our score: 9.0/ 10

There are some terrific items this month! The plush controller is such a fun twist on computer gaming, and I'nm also a greta fan of the keychain pouches, I use them for all kinds of things. The mystery item keychain is nice, and I'm happy to have it, though I think six months is a little bit of a short time for repeat items. This box definitely leans towards decorative rather than practical, but then last month's was the other way so I think it probably balances out, though I do like my useful items! My favourite this this month is definitely the socks - I love wearables that are both cute and practical (so don't look like a costume) and can be worn almost all year round. Overall a great theme with a great proportion of kawaii!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products8

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