YumeTwins – Japanese Kawaii February 2023

February is Valentine’s month, so YumeTwins has gone all out with the romance!

Lots of pink, plush, and cuteness, and you can read about each item in the menu booklet.

Valentine’s Day is a very popular holiday in Japan. Inside the booklet there is a ton of things to read about how Japan celebrates romance, from places to go, chocolate-giving etiquette, and even matchmaking based on your blood type!

YumeTwins Original Madical Nyan Nyan Cupid Plushie

This is the first of not one but two plush items, this is the YumeTwins cat mascot, Nyan Nyan, with an adorable romantic theme. There are all kinds of cute touches, from the heart and kiss on Nyan Nyan’s face, to the cupid wings and little love letter on the back. There’s even a halo! It’s soft and squishy and very cute indeed.

YumeTwins Original Engagement Ring Box Phone Stand Cushion Set

This has to be the most elaborate plush I’ve ever seen! As you can see, it’s a plush box with velcro closure and bow tie that opens up to reveal a plush heart-shaped ring, just like the box of an engagement ring. The ring even has a little zippered hidden compartment, which is the perfect size for a real ring, or of course to hide any little thing you like. The ring itself is removable, and the slot fits a phone, for a super cute phone holder.

Sanrio Letter Set

Letter-writing is a very special thing, and of course there is a long tradition of love letters all over the world. This adorable letter set features various Sanrio characters, and contains 12 sheets of paper and six envelopes, plus a sheet of sticker seals. Enough here to keep your romantic correspondence going for a while!

Cafe Sakura Cupcake Cat Squishy, BT21 Key Cover

This cute squishy is based on the cupcakes made by the kitten character from Sakura Cafe. It’s got a hanging loop to attach to a bag or keys, and the texture is just like a stress-ball, only much cuter!

BT21 is a kawaii phenomenon from the K-Pop group BTS, and has all kinds of marvellous character merchandise. This cute key cover shows Cooky the bunny. You can fit it over pretty much any Yale key, and it’s also got a chain to attach to your keyring. It’s very cute, and key covers like this are surprisingly practical too, especially if you have a lot of similar keys.

Our score: 9.6/ 10

I have to say I'm kind of blown away by this month's box! Nyan Nyanis adorable as ever in this romantic incarnation, but I've really never seen anything like the engagement ring plush! I'm an old married woman myself, but I love how fun it is, and I think the little zip pocket is a really clever touch. As for the other items, I love stationery so the letter set is a great addition to my stash, and the squishy is very cute. The key cover, while simple, is really the most practical item here. I lose my keys in the bottom of my bag a lot, and a chunky holder is much easier to identify in the dark on my overstuffed keyring! Overall, this is a great romantic selection of cuteness.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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