WufWuf: Dog Days (A Puppy’s View)

WufWuf’s monthly selection of delicious treats and fun toys is the perfect gift for your dog, because we all love spoiling our pets. The pup in my case is an 18 week old black lab, who is extraordinarily appreciative of pretty much everything.

With the coming of hot summer weather, the Dog Days theme is perfect!

My puppy always enjoys the challenge of opening the box. In this instance he needed a bit of help, but it wasn’t long until he was sticking his nose in investigating everything.

Amazingly enough, the first thing he pulled out wasn’t the treats! It was this really fun Scoopy Boo Plush Toy. Shaped like an ice cream melting into a puddle with the cone sticking out. There are lots of different textures – furry ‘chocolate sauce’, crinkly sounds the come from the melted ice cream face, and there’s a squeaker in one of the edges too. (My pup adores squeaky toys.) And the cone part that sticks out, rather like a unicorn horn, is a brilliant additional way for it to be carried around. It was the first thing he grabbed when he was rootling around the box, and he carried it around for quite some time!

If you haven’t heard of a Lick Mat, they are absolutely brilliant. It’s a silicone mat with a textured surface, and is designed to have something smeared on it for your dog to lick. It can be all kinds of things, wet dog food (if you feed that), kefir, peanut butter. The licking action is very soothing for dogs, and the surface gives them extra sensory experience. You can also freeze the mat (this works really well with bone broth and kefir!) to make it last longer, as as a cool treat on a hot day. This particular mat is extra handy because it has little suckers on the base, so either it will stick to a hard floor, or you can put it on a tiled wall if you need to distract your pup while he’s having a bath.

Usefully, also included in the box is Dog Safe Peanut Butter! This is perfect for your Lick Mat, and pretty much all dogs adore it. It’s also very good that it’s dog safe, as it contains nothing but peanuts. Regular peanut butter often contains sugar/palm oil and other nasties. Don’t give that stuff to your dog! And especially beware of xylitol, which is extremely toxic to pups. This proper peanut butter is the perfect treat.

Having discovered the treats, my pup also tried to run off with these Buddy Crispy Salmon Treats. These are a lovely Swedish brand and they’re all natural. They contain salmon and chicken with some pea protein, berries and seeds. They’re lovely and crunchy, and they can be broken up into smaller pieces. If you have a snuffle mat or dog puzzle these are a terrific thing to use with them for enrichment games as they have a great scent and flavour.

The third treats was a Milk Bone. This is a hard block chew made from compressed milk protein (really!). it sounds a bit odd, but they are brilliant for dogs, as they’re hard enough to be satisfying to chew but not enough to damage their teeth. They’re especially good for teething puppies (like mine) as the hard texture is very soothing. And they (apparently) taste amazing too!

Here’s the list in the box of goodies, as photographing a fast-moving puppy isn’t always easy!

As an extra bonus, the box seems to taste pretty good too!

Our score: 10.0/ 10

I love this month's collection. It's really nice to have the lick mat - we have a couple of larger ones already but it's really useful to have a smaller one that actually sticks to the floor. My pup adores peanut butter too, so now he can have his own! The other treats are fab too, and he has had so much fun playing with the ice cream toy. Training and chew treats are always welcome - labs love chewing, especially puppies, so the more the better for us! Having a variety of toys is so important for dogs, to stop them getting bored (and chewing things they shouldn't!) and WufWuf is such a fantastic way to amass a really good collection of toys as well as trying out a whole range of delicious goodies.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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