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Demonstrations are essential in the learning process for kids. The MEL Science experiment box offers all you need to create simple science experiments for kids. In a bid to make science more fun for kids, MEL Science has developed this subscription box to include everything needed to reproduce safe and straightforward science experiments with your kids right in the convenience of your home. With the MEL Science monthly experiment box, kids can now see science as fun. The advantage of this is that it makes it easier for kids to learn, especially compared to the usual boring approach.

The MEL Science Subscription box offers your kids three major things;

  • fun hands-on experiments to engage
  • serious, detailed explanations to learn
  • VR and AR technologies to dive deeper

How Does It Work?

You and your kids can begin to enjoy the MEL Science experiment box in these four simple steps


Get started with the MEL Science experiment box by subscribing for a monthly package for just £29.90. You would be required to enter essential details like the delivery address and payment details to get started.

Get your Starter Kit and VR headset the first month

The first box you would receive comes with a starter kit and a VR headset to help you start enjoying the full experience.

Continue getting new experiments monthly

The MEL Science Chemistry boxes contain between two to three experiments that can be safely conducted at home every month.

Get the family together for a new style of science education

With the MEL Science subscription box, you can now spend more time with your kids having fun with science.

What’s in the MEL Science Subscription Box?

The MEL Science box comes with a free holistic starter kit, a VR headset. Apart from these, you get 2-3 experiments monthly.

Starter Kit

The starter kit offered by MEL Science contains basic reusable equipment needed to conduct science experiments. Tools from this kit would be needed in carrying out the subsequent science experiments you would receive from MEL Science.

The kit consists of 8 tools and comes free with a subscription to the MEL Science experiment box.

2–3 exciting experiments delivered to your door every month.

You would also get a monthly experiment box. Each of these boxes contains all the reagents and items you need to conduct these experiments and some extra. There is also a step-by-step visual guide to conduct these experiments.

VR headset & Chemistry lessons in VR

With the VR headset and a smartphone, your kids can enjoy thrilling chemistry classes that span through a standard school curriculum. The subscription grants you access to over 33 different VR lessons. You can check out these lessons on the MEL Science website.

Pricing Plans

You can subscribe to the MEL Science experiment box at £29.90. However, you can save up to £89.70 using prepaid plans. MEL Science offers free deliveries for subscribers within the US and UK.

You can also cancel your plan whenever you like, and there is also a money-back guarantee in case of issues with delivery.

Why Choose the MEL Science Subscription Plan?

The Complete ‘Edutainment’ Package

The MEL Science subscription box offers your kids engaging kits that ensure that they are carried along in the course of all experiments. This makes it the complete education and entertainment package for kids.

New Opportunities to Spend Quality Time with Kids

With the MEL Science experiments, you can now spend more quality time with your kids, collaborating on the fun experiments that help them learn.

Completely safe

All products offered by MEL Science comply with European safety norms EN 71-4. This means that they are very safe to use.

Our score: 9.8/ 10

There's no escaping it - this is an investment box at £29.90 a month. It doesn't come cheap, but the starter kit being free is a big benefit and if you have a 9-14 year old who loves science then this is a cracking gift. Given the cost it might work better as a Christmas or Birthday present that lasts all year round. The addition of the VR element and online videos and information really adds to the learning. We were blown away by the MEL Chemistry subscription box. If you can afford it then you should definitely go for it!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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MEL Science

  • Innovative chemistry sets
  • From £29.90

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MEL Science

  • Innovative chemistry sets
  • From £29.90