Toppbox – May 2018

Toppbox – May 2018

Toppbox is a monthly box of men’s grooming supplies. It costs £19 per month plus £3.35 p+p, but the box contents will always be a considerably higher value.

I love skincare products, but for this I have enlisted my lovely husband, Big C, to try out the items and give his considered opinion!

The box looks great, and there are no shipping labels are anything because it comes in a jiffy bag. There’s also extra tissue in the bag, so it’s very well protected.

Everything is packed very well. On top is the menu card.

It lists everything in the box, prices/values, and ingredients and usage information.

This is Fols for Men Lime Face Wash. It has a nice citrussy smell, very refreshing in the morning.

This is quite intruguing. Emu Oil Well Scalp Moisturiser contains actual emu oil, which apparently contains lots of good stuff and is extremely good for moisturising the skin. The rosemary oil is supposed to stimulate hair follicles, so good for men who are concerned about their hair thinning!

Moisturiser is essential for good skincare, and this Flint + Flint Moisturiser 3x contains lots of lovely nourishing ingredients to keep your skin soft and smooth.

It’s always lovely to wash in something that smells good, and this Mitchell and Peach English Leaf Shower Wash has a delicious fragrance!

Big C has a beard, but he also shaves part of his face, so this Cornerstone Post Shave Balm is very useful. It has a nice fresh mint scent, which is perfect for applying in the morning. It is also non-greasy, so your skin doesn’t feel weighed down.

There were two options of haircare products, and we got the Debonair for Men Shaping Paste. This has a nice meduim hold, so it give the hair shape without being stiff or shiny like gel. It also smells pretty good!

As I said, RRPs are on the menu, though not all the products are full size. For example, the Debonair Shaping Paste is 20ml which would come to around £7. The shower gel is listed at £25 for 250ml. The English Leaf variety (there is another fragrance range too) doesn’t appear to have the shower gel on the website, though you can get it on Amazon for £20 for 250 ml. So this 100ml bottle would be £8. However the moisturiser and shave balm are full size, and the listed prices are correct, so the overall value is still fantastic.

Big C’s favourite items are the shower gel and face wash, which I rather like too! But he’s looking forward to using everything (and I might have a try as well.) The one thing I would say is that I think an SPF moisturiser would be useful to have, as the weather is much warmer now and sunscreen is a very important part of skincare when the sun is out. But hopefully there will be something summer-oriented next month.



Our score: 9.6/ 10

This is another terrific variety of quality skincare items that are great for men and also totally worth borrowing by women!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products9

How would you rate Toppbox ?

Rating: 3.6/5. From 29 votes.
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