TolyoTreat – November 2023

Last month we had all things spooky for Halloween, and this month we’re heading on adventure with the Mt. Fuju Snack-Venture! TokyoTreat is promising a taste of the different flavours that are famous around the spectacular Japanese landmark.

The menu booklet gives you a full list with descriptions and allergens off all the goodies inside the box, as well as a fantastic selection of fascinating facts about Mount Fuji itself. You can also read about other Japanese specialties, flavours, and places, together with some terrific photographs illustrating.

This month’s KitKat is a lucky dip, with various possibilities in the box, I’ve got the delicious Matcha KitKat Yokubari Double variety, which is a half-and-half layered kitkat with the original underneath and matcha infused chocolate filling on top!

Blueberry Marshmallows are chewy and soft, and they have an extra burst of blueberry flavour in the middle.

Grape is a popular flavour in Japan, and this Gaburichew Soft Candy features the taste of sweet muscat grapes in a stretch, chewy bar.

Sour Candy Ribbon Green Apple is a definite favourite. A thin chewy gummy strip with a fantastic apple flavour, rather like the apples grown near to Mt Fuji.

The Mt Fuji Sandwich Cookie is an adorable sandwich cookie with a white chocolate filling, all in the shape of the famous mountain itself.

There’s an intense nutty chocolate experience with the Crunky Chocolate Almond Bites. They’re rich ball of chocolate with a hint of coffee, containing delicious chopped almonds.

Sweet Potato Sable Cookie is a delicious light and crumbly cookie, flavoured with earthy sweet potato and black sesame. A perfect snack with a cup of tea.

This is a fun candy-  an Ice Cream Candy DIY Kit! These kits are a lot of fun where you put together a fun treat, in this case you mix the sweet milky powder inside to make a delicious ice-cream flavoured topping, then you pine it into the miniature wafer cones that are also included.

Wasabi Potato Crisps have a great spicy hit. They’re like potato senbei, coated with the famously strong Japanese horseradish, and if you like spicy, you’ll love these!

Another savoury item, the Lucky Fish Arare Crackers are little rice crackers shaped like seam bream, a symbol of good luck in Japan.

A real souvenir of Mt Fuji, this Mt Fuji Green Tea Cake is rather like a whoopee pie, two light sponge cake layers sandwiched with a cream matcha filling.

These crisps are a mystery choice, there are several possibilities. I’ve got Nori Ship Dragon Twists, which are light crispy potato snacks flavoured with soy and delicious salty seaweed.

Okonomiyaki Corn Puffs are crispy light corn puffs, which are flavoured with tokoonomiyaki sauce, which is a topping for the famous street food pancakes. They’re savoury with a very slight hint of sweetness, and very flavourful.

This month’s ramen is Itomen Seafood & Veggie Broth Ramen. This  tasty ramen has a broth that contains vegetables and mackerel, flavoured with soy sauce with a wonderful umami sauce. It can be a eaten as is or add any toppings you please!

DekaVita Vitamin C is a popular energy drink, which contains caffeine and Witaminc C for both an energy and health boost.

Our score: 9.6/ 10

It's great to see a DIY candy kit back, they're lot of fun to put together, and eat of course! The KitKats are always a marvellous addition, they're different every time, and I absolutely love the double layered ones that I have, chocolate and matcha is a fantastic flavour combination. The Mt Fuji cake is delicious, as well as being a genuine Fuji souvenir! I love whoopee pies, and this is just like one with a Japanese twist. While overall there isn't the most obvious connection to My Fuji in most of these items, the theme is still really nice, and in any case, all of the sweets and treats are delicious. Once again a great selection from TokyoTreat!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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  • Fun and tasty Japanese candies
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  • Fun and tasty Japanese candies
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