TokyoTreat : September 2018

TokyoTreat is a monthly box of Japanese candies and snacks from Tokyo. It is part of the TokyoTreat subscription box group which also includes YumeTwins and nomakenolife.

Premium $35 (around £26) per month: 5 popular Japanese  snacks, 4 share packs, 3 dagashi, 1 anime snack, 1 DIY candy kit, 1 kinose snack, 1 Japanese drink.

Classic $25 (around £18) per month: 4 popular Japanese snacks, 4 share packs, 2 dagashi, 1 DIY candy kit, 1 kinose snack.

Worldwide shipping is free.

This month’s theme is Movie Night.

The menu booklet has a list of all this month’s snacks, with descriptions.

This month’s drink is Mango Pokemon Soda. There are four possible bottle designs, but mine features Pikachu, Eevee, and Sylveon.

This is a package of individually wrapped Kinako Crackers. Kinako is roast soybean powder, and these are crunchy and delicious.

Calbee Kishu Plum Chips feature one of Japan’s more unusual flavours. They are a sweet sour fruity taste, and are surprisingly good.

This little dagashi is a Marshmallow Twist, much like a small version of a Flump.

Pretty Cute Popcorn is a little twist on a traditional movie snack. It’s mix of salted and strawberry caramel popcorn, and also comes with a sticker.

These Kinako No Yama Chocolate Banana are little mushroom-shaped cookies topped with two kinds of chocolate. Chocolate bananas are a popular snack in Japan, and these cookies have a similar flavour.

Hokkaido Matcha Milk Candy is a boiled sweet made from matcha and milk. It’s quite unusual to have hard candies like this in these boxes, so it makes a nice change, especially with such an unusual flavour.

Hi-Chew are very famous is Japan, and these are the Okinawa Pineapple version. they are chewy candy, a bit like Starburst, and their fruity flavour is very intense.

This is a savory snack, Spicy Pepper Pea Corn Puff Rings. They really are surprisingly spicy!

This is a very traditional snack, a Brown Sugar Traditional Wheat Puff. It’s what it sounds like, a light puff made from wheat covered in brown sugar.

This month’s Umaibo (corn puff tube) is Shrimp Mayonnaise Umaibo. Perfect for watching Forrest Gump!

The DIY candy this month is Strawberry Soft Serve Ice Cream. It’s not actually ice cream, but it’s soft candy with little cones.

There are also instructions in the booklet.

This month’s kinosei snack are Stretchy Grape Gummies. Apparently they contain lactic acid, which is good for gut health.

Finally, the sharing snack is Anpanman Fluffy Corn Puffs. This is a popular character, and these slightly sweet crunchy snacks feature his face.

I like that there are a couple more unusual items this month. The sour plum crisps sound odd, but I’ve had them before and they are very moreish!

I love the Kinako crackers as I’m a huge fan of this particular flavour. I’m slightly sad that the Umaibo is shrimp flavour, as I’m allergic, but the rest of the box makes up for it!

It would be nice to have a couple more savory items. The Plum Chips and the Anpanman Puffs are sort of sweet/savory, but only the Umaibo and Spicy rings are properly salty. Hopefully there will be more next month!

The Chocolate Banana cookies are also incredibly cute and tasty, and it’s great to have some hard candy for a change, especially with the matcha flavour.

Hi-Chew are fantastic. It’s possible to get them in the UK, but the packaging is in English whereas you know these are the proper Japanese version because of the Japanese packaging!



Our score: 9.2/ 10

Another terrific selection this month, something to make Movie Night a bit different!

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products8

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  • Fun and tasty Japanese candies
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