TokyoTreat – October 2023

It’s October, and that means it’s Halloween! TokyoTreat is celebrating the spooky season with the Halloween Snackhaul! box of snacks a sweets from Japan.

Even the shipping box has a design makeover for the theme!

The menu booklet tells you all about the items inside, including ingredients and an allergen list. You can also read all about Halloween in Japan, which seems to be quite a big deal, with lots of events, parties, and food.

These Halloween edition Sweet Potato KitKats are another fantastic example of the incredible variety of Japanese KitKats. Sweet potato might sound like a strange choice for a chocolate bar, but it’s a wonderful flavour that pairs perfectly with the white chocolate coating and tastes exactly as autumn should.

Policy Mentaiko Corn Snacks are a savoury treat. They’re flavoured with mentaiko, which is pickled pollack roe, and they have an intensely savoury and slightly spicy flavour. The light texture of the corn makes them extremely easy to eat!

Tohato Caramel Corn is one of my favourite snacks. It’s a crunchy corn snack which is generously coated with delicious caramel and is really amazing!

The packaging of these Koikeya Salt & Sesame Oil Potato Chips has a definitely goth/Halloween vibe. The crisps themselves are excellent, the sesame oil gives just a hint of the sesame flavour, and they are deliciously savoury.

Halloween Jelly Bean Gummies are a fun themed treat, and the flavours of cola, grape, and ginger ale are a fun an unusual combination, as well as being in Halloweeny colours.

Kobe Japanese Cola is a cola with a twist. Along with the classic cola flavour, it is sweetened with Japanese citrus extracts which gives it a wonderful slightly sharp edge.

This month’s ramen is Tank Yakisoba. Yakisoba is an iconic street food noodle dish which comes with a hugh variety of toppings. This one is vegetarian-friendly, so you can add what you like to it, and the noodles themselves are chewy and and rich with a wonderful umami sauce included.

Koala March Cookies are adorable crispy bites filled with a chocolate cream. This version is halloween-themed, and there are also cute little koala pictures on each cookie.

Another festive treat, Pokemon Halloween Choco Pie is a sandwich cake with a sweet cream filling which is covered in chocolate.

Teeny Tiny Monster Chocolates come in a selection of flavours, including sweet soybean, strawberry, and melon,  that you can eat individually or in combination for some crazy taste fun!

Halloween Tomato Pretz pretzel sticks have a wonderful savoury tomato flavour, and are a special edition for Halloween.

One of the most famous candy bars in Japan is Black Thunder. This rich bar is a combination of chocolate and biscuit pieces in the perfect proportions, and it’s one of the nicest snacks out there.

Monster Bubble Gum is a really intense flavour! The gumballs taste like Japanese energy drink, which is strong and almost sour, and definitely is a hit for anyone who likes strong flavours.

Two perfect Halloween packages here. Halloween Mini Hi-Chew, the wonderful fruity chews that come in all kinds of flavours, and Mini Halloween Cookies, which are sweet and cute and the perfect treat when you just want a little taste of something sweet.

Our score: 10.0/ 10

Halloween is such a fun season, and I just love all the different themed goodies! The KitKats always stand out, there is such an incredibly variety of flavours and every one is amazing. This sweet potato one tastes just like autumn to me. Other particular favourites are the Black Thunder and of course the Caramel Corn. This month's selection really is fantastic, especially being so fun and festive, and it really reflects the amazing Japanese-style Halloween which is portrayed so amazingly in the menu booklet. I would love to go to Japan for Halloween so it's so fun to have a little taste of it here!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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  • Fun and tasty Japanese candies
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  • Fun and tasty Japanese candies
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