TokyoTreat – October 2021

I’m always incredibly excited for October because it’s Halloween. And that means that TokyoTreat will do some fantastic spooky goodies in their Snack-Tastic Halloween box!

The menu booklet gives you some fun information about Halloween in Japan, and of course there’s the full list of all the items inside. There’s also instructions for making the DIY candy kit below.

Calpis Soda Grape

Calpis is a famous Japanese milk soda – I know it sounds odd but it’s really very good. This is a version I haven’t seen before – grape flavoured! Grape candies are popular in Japan so it makes sense to have this crossover of the classic soda with this flavour. The fruit and slight creaminess work well together and it’s very refreshing. Plus the light purple colour looks vert festive!


KitKat Apple Cinnamon

TokyoTreat is amazing at including some of the crazy KitKat flavours that are available in Japan. So much more interesting than the regular selection, these are a special limited edition especially for Japan, with delicious seasonal apple and cinnamon flavoured chocolate and creamy filling. Even the packaging is perfect for Halloween.

Pock Crushe Strawberry & Tongari Corn Halloween Butter Toast

Pocky is a favourite snack in Japan, delicious biscuit sticks coated in chocolate. This version is extra special as the sticks are chocolate flavoured and the strawberry coating contains real freeze-dried strawberries for a super intense flavour.

Tongari corn snacks are fun little corn cones in buttered toast flavour. It really does taste like toast too, salty and buttery. The packaging is limited edition for Halloween, so you can imagine them as witches’ hats or long fingernails!


Mini Monster Fruit Candy, Mini Strawberry Milk Choco Balls, Red and Black Magic Gum, & Maple Butterbeer Ramune Candy

Monsters come out at Halloween, so what better treat to offer than this rainbow-striped fruity chewy candy strip? The mini choco balls have a strawberry coating, and each one has a little fortune on the package.

Halloween is for tricks as well as treats, and this gum tastes like cola but actually turns your tongue black! A great way to gross out parents too. And finally. ramune candy is hugely popular as the candy version of traditional ramune soda. While these aren’t officially connected to everyone’s favourite wizard world, they are a delicious hint at what we’d all like to drink at Halloween!

Full Moon Pon, Holland Senbei, & Umaibo Cheese

Full moon pon is so called because it’s shaped like the full moon! It tastes delicious too, the lovely spicy salty flavour of soy sauce. The Holland senbei is another crunchy rice cracker, in a nice simple savoury flavour. Umaibo is one of Japan’s most popular snacks, especially with children. The crunchy corn pyff tubes comes in many different flavours, sweet and savory, and this one has a fantastic cheese taste.

Umaiwa Mentai Flavour, Happy Hallen Fugashe, & Spooky Water DIY Candy Kit

Umaiwa is another corn snack like umaibo, but slices rather than a stick. Mentai is smoked cod roe, a popular Japanese flavour that’s very savory and has a real spicy kick. Perfect for keeping the cold out! Fugashi is another traditional Japanese snack made dry-baked from wheat flour. It has a lovely brown sugar flavour, and this one has a special limited edition Halloween package.

The DIY candy kit is a lot of fun, as it consists of three different-coloured and flavoured gel candies that you mix in the tray to become a different colour and flavour.

Pokemon Halloween Choco Corn, Halloween New Mochi Taro, & Halloween Pizza Snacks

Our final three themed items, the Pikachu-shaped chocolate corn snacks are in a special seasonal pack. Pro tip- you can add milk and eat them like chocolate cereal. The mochi taro are  simple salted rice crackers when you need a break from all that sweetness. And the pizza snacks really do taste remarkably like pizza – the perfect accompaniment for watching a scary movie!


Our score: 9.8/ 10

All the themed snacks are such fun and give a super festive vibe to October! As always the KitKats are a huge treat, I've not yet tried the same type twice, and apple and cinnamon is a favourite flavour combination of mine. The calpis soda is equally new for me, it's such a unique drink and I wish I had more of it! The Pocky, while not Halloween-themed, is utterly delicious, I have seen these before and they're really quite a sophisticated flavour, not kiddy at all. Everything this month is really terrific, and while you could give them out for trick-or-treaters, I'd recommend you keep them and take the tricks!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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  • Fun and tasty Japanese candies
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