TokyoTreat – November 2021

We’re properly into Autumn now, and TokyoTreat is making this November’s box a Fruity Fall.

The menu booklet tells you all about everything inside, as well as some fun stuff like competitions and trivia. Apparently Autumn in Japan is beautiful, leaf-watching is a popular pastime, so I’m looking forward to sampling some seasonal flavours!

Koala’s March Butter & White Chocolate, Fanta Peach, and Pocky Heartful Blueberry

Koala cookies are little hollow shapes with a koala picture on filled with something sweet and delicious. This version is a creamy white chocolate with fermented butter butter. Don’t let how that sounds bother you, it means it’s got a wonderful tangy flavour which works very nicely with the sweet white chocolate.

Fanta loves to create new flavours, and the latest peach variety is a special limited edition. While I’m not sure that the peach is that autumnal, it’s so  delicious I don’t care!

Pocky are very popular, and we’ve seen lots of varieties of this chocolate-coated biscuit snack. This Japan exclusive blueberry edition has been specially produced to thank essential workers, and the sticks are actually heart-shaped.

Texas Corn Okonomiyaki Flavour, Onion Taro, and Karamucho Kimamoto Chili Tomato

Texas Corn as a lovely crunchy puffed corn snack and comes in lots of different flavours. These are flavoured with okonomiyaki sauce, which is a wonderful savory umami sauce.

Onion Taro are similar corn puff balls, but this time they have a delicious flavour of onions, strong and savoury.

Autumn is a good time to bring out the more spicy food, and the Chili Tomato crisps have the perfect balance of tomato and spice. Very delicious, almost like spicy ketchup!

Sour Paper Candy Grape and Yakisoba Shop Taro

Paper candy isn’t made of paper, it’s a thin chewy gummy with a strong grape flavour.

We usually eat noodles cooked and soft, but dried noodle snacks are common in Japan. These crunchy bites are lovely and savory, and taste just like the classic Japanese pork dish.

Porickey German Potatoes, Umaibo Choco, and Umaibo Cinnamon Apple Pie

Porickey are thin pretzel sticks, very tasty, and the German Potato flavour refers to a mixture of ham, cheese, and potatoes. I’m not sure exactly why this would be German, but they’re certainly yummy!

Two Umaibo this month! Umaibo means ‘delicious stick’ in Japanese, and these crunchy corn puff tubes come in both sweet and savory flavours. These are both sweet, classic chocolate, and the perfectly seasonal cinnamon apple pie, which really does catch the taste of this classic autumn pastry.

DonDon Yaki, Strawberry Ice Cream DIY Candy Kit, and Sparrow Egg Crackers

Another savory snack, these are tiny rice crackers that have a wonderful crunch and sweet-salty flavour that’s incredibly moreish.

The Japanese love these DIY candy kits, where you put together a variety of sweet components to make your own sweets! This one contains mini wafer cones, and  powder that you mix with a little water to make an ice cream-like candy that you scoop into the cones.

Sparrow Egg Crackers look rather like their namesake! But no sparrows involved, they’re fried peanuts in a crispy shell flavoured with sweet and spicy soy sauce.

Constellation Chocolate Cookie and Crunky X Demon Slayer Collab Choco

As the nights get longer, this cute starry chocolate covered cookie as a nice evening snack. As for the chocolate bar, Crunky is a well-known Japanese chocolate bar  and they’ve partnered with the Demon Slayer anime to create a whole lot of character packaging for their milk chocolate and cookies and cream bars. The cookies and cream is certainly sweet, but it’s a great taste with the extra cookie bits, plus the packets look amazing!

KitKat Mont Blanc

Japanese KitKats are amazing, they come in a million flavours and TokyoTreat is brilliant at including ever more interesting varieties! This month we have Mont Blanc flavour, which is an amazing chestnut and whipped cream dessert. I think chestnuts are one of the most classic autumn flavours, and the KitKat version of the pastry has chestnut chocolate and rum cream filling, and is absolutely incredible.




Our score: 9.8/ 10

Well, there are lots of yummy things this month, but I think the KitKats win! They are one of the most interesting and tasty ones I have tried, and that's stiff competition from the other delicious varieties that TokyoTreat have supplied. Honorable mentions also go to the tomato-chilli crisps, which are spicy and delicious, peach fanta, and the blueberry Pocky. Those stand out the most but there is still an overall lovely combination of sweet and savory goodies, perfect to enjoy for those longer autumn nights.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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  • Fun and tasty Japanese candies
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  • Fun and tasty Japanese candies
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