TokyoTreat – November 2020

TokyoTreat – November 2020

TokyoTreat is a monthly box of Japanese candies and snacks from Tokyo. It is part of the TokyoTreat subscription box group which also includes YumeTwins and nomakenolife.

Options are are Premium  at $35 (around £26) per month: 9 popular Japanese  snacks, 3 dagashi, 1 anime snack, 1 DIY candy kit, 1 kinose snack, 1 Japanese drink.

Classic $25 (around £18) per month: 9 popular Japanese snacks, 2 dagashi, 1 DIY candy kit, 1 kinose snack.

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The leaves are turning and nights are getting longer, and TokyoTreat is celebrating the season with the lovely Awesome Autumn box!

Looks like we’re going to have plenty of lovely seasonal flavours here.

There’s a full menu with descriptions of all the goodies inside.

I love the items that are collaborations with anime series, and this DyDo X Demon Slayer Sweet Coffee is a real treat. The can features one of 12 Demon Slayer characters, and the coffee itself is sweet and rich. A fun way to get your caffeine fix!

Japanese KitKats come in wonderful flavours, and KitKat Japanese Cheesecake is no exception. There’s actual cheese powder in the cream and just a hint of salt in the creamy white chocolate, which is a lovely balance of flavours getting the slightly sharp taste of cheesecake just right.

Sweet Potato Osatsu Crackers look beautifully autumnal, made from both orange and purple sweet potato. The sweet potato is offset by the salt seasoning, very moreish indeed.

Another classic seasonal item, these Coconut Sable Cookies contain sweet potato and sweet chestnut. A Japanese specialty, these are a terrific snack with a warming cup of tea.

Yamato Turtle Crackers don’t contain actual turtle! The name comes from the shape, rather like rounded turtle shells, and are light, crispy, and salty.

Pocky is another favourite from Japan, and this version is a Fall Exclusive, Pocky Tasty. The crunchy pretzel base is made with cultured butter which gives them an extra rich flavour.

Calbee Kataage Plum & Bonito Flavour are crisps with a uniquely Japanese flavour. They’re extra crunchy and are flavoured with bonito (smoked tuna flakes) and sour plum, both of which are frequently found in Japanese cooking.

Root vegetables are at their best right now, and these Onion Taro crunchy corn balls capture the flavour of onion perfectly.

DonDonYaki are rice crackers with a warming taste of kimchi and pepper, perfect for chilly days.

Another snack perfect for colder weather is Aji Curry Chips. Japanese curry is very popular, and these crunchy corn sticks deliver the perfect hit or warm curry flavour.

Uncle Pierre’s Roll Cake is a lovely little Swiss roll-type cake filled with jam and cream.

Caramel Taro is another sweet treat, rich caramel corn shaped like peanuts. Crunchy and delicious.

A Japanese take on french fries, thee are Potato Fries, a crunchy salty potato chip snack.

Mochi Taro are another lovely salty snack, this time little crunchy rice crackers which are perfect eaten with a beer.

Umaibo is one of Japan’s most famous snacks, a crunchy corn puff stick that comes in many flavours. This one is a Cheese Umaibo, and has a surprisingly rich flavour for such a light snack.

Finally, two more little dagashi, Constellation Chocolate Cookies  and Ramen Shop Snacks.

The cookies have a thick layer of chocolate and are decorated with stars, and the ramen (dried noodle) snacks have a delicious savory chicken flavour.


Our score: 9.8/ 10

What a gorgeous selection! I though October's box was exceptional, but this one lives up to it completely. I love the autumnal flavours, especially all the sweet potato, and I'm also pleased there are more savory snacks than usual. I'm a huge fan of savory items in particular, and these have a terrific variety. It's also fantastic to get to try yet another terrific KitKat flavour, I never tire of the incredible variety of this snack. This is a great box for autumn, with a great range of seasonal flavours with the Japanese twist on everything.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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