TokyoTreat : November 2017 Flavorful Thanksgiving Feast

TokyoTreat is a monthly box of Japanese candies and snacks from Tokyo. It is part of the TokyoTreat subscription box group which also includes YumeTwins and nomakenolife.There are three monthly subscription levels:

Small: $14.99 (£11.19) 8 full-size snacks

Regular: $24.99 (£18.66) 13 full-size snacks plus 1 Wagashi

Premium: $34.99 (£26.12) 18 full-size snacks, 1 DIY candy kit, 1 drink, 1 item, and 1 Wagashi.

There are also three, six, and 12 month subscriptions, which work out more cheaply per month.

This month’s theme is Flavorful Thanksgiving Feast. This box may be from Japan, but it’s certainly great with American holidays!

Here is their mailing box. It’s nice and sturdy, and the colour looks great for Fall!

First hint of the goodies inside!  On top is their menu booklet.

The booklet is excellent. It contains a list of this month’s items, the DIY candy kit instructions, plus some interesting seasonal facts about Japan and its culture.

Let’s dig in.

Every TokyoTreat box contains five dagashi, which are like pocket money sweets.

The selection used to be random, but now they are each listed in the menu.

From left to right: Cola Gummy, Baked Sweet Potato Yokan, Twisted Marshmallow, Yakisoba Sauce Snack, and Umiabo Cheese.

Pocky Double Fromage. As you probably know, Pocky are bisuit/pretzel sticks covered in something delicious, usually chocolate-based. These are a luxury version with extra chocolate,chocolate biscuit, and cream cheese chocolate coating. Delicious.

Morinaga Strawberry Ramune are strawberry ramune (Japanese soda) candies. The package is shaped like the soda bottle, and they are tiny and delicious. This is a new flavour!

This is a seasonal item: Calbee Osatsu Snack. They are a kind of sweet potato crisps, and are only available during the colder months of the year.

Choco Flakes Crisp Balls – Kinako. These are amazing. They are a chocolate covered cereal snack, and this is a special Autumn edition with kinako (roasted soy flour).

This month’s wagashi (traditional Japanese snack) is Super Light Rice Crackers. These are made from Niigata white rice, and are incredibly delicate and melting. They are also flavoured with dashi soy sauce with a touch of ginger.

Giant Chocolate Snack is indeed quite giant. It’s a long bar of corn puff with peanuts, and convered in milk chocolate. Wow.

These Vending Machine Cola Gummies are so named because the gummies come in a vending machine-shaped tray! Japan is, of course famous for its vending machines.

I love vegetable snacks, and these Sapporo Multi-Veggie Sticks are no exception. They are potato sticks with seven kids of vegetables added in, and are salty and crunchy.

This month’s featured snack is Kirin Chocolate Mint Milk Tea. Japanese milk tea is amazing. It comes in a ton of crazy flavours, and tastes a bit like a milkshake with a background flavour of tea. It sounds strange but it’s totally yummy.

Every Premium box contains a DIY candy kit, and this month’s is a Pokemon Sun and Moon Soft Candy Kit. You can see the instructions above.

Squid Crackers. I guessed what these were as soon as I saw the picture on the front. I’ll not be eating these as I’m allergic, but I bet they taste great.

Pretz Mild Roast Flavour are biscuit sticks with a very mild sweet flavour. Not only do these ones contain extra calcium, they also have no artificial colours or flavours.

The Premium box also contains a non-food bonus item. This month is a Gudetama Rubber Magnet. I’m very pleased with this because Gudetama is my favourite kawaii character!


I love this month’s box. I’m really happy they are now listing all the dagashi items, because it saves an awful lot of Googling!

If the seventeen items (including five dagashi) seven are savory (even though I can’t have the squid ones) which makes me happy. I do love my savory things.

I like the seasonal items too: sweet potato is such an autumnal flavour, and one of the main snacks and one dagashi are sweet potato snacks.

The Pocky are a huge treat, and a wonderful creamy tangy flavour. There are two packages in the box, so it’s slightly easier to stop yourself from eating them all at once!

I’m glad to have another milk tea to try, because it’s such a wonderful flavour, totally different from anything you get in the UK.

Value-wise, you’re always going to get the most bang for your buck with the Premium box, especially with the drink and bonus item. Everything in the boxes comes straight from Japan, and is manufactured for the Japanese market. You also get limited and special edition items that will never be imported into the UK.

This is a great fun family box of goodies to share, but would also make a wonderful gift. Or of course just a gift for yourself; you don’t have to share with anyone if you don’t want to!


Our score: 9.2/ 10

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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