TokyoTreat – May 2022

We’re well into Spring now, and this month TokyoTreat is carrying on with the wonderful sakura theme, which is so emblematic of Japan in the Spring – Sakura Picnic!

There’s so much scope for delicious Springtime goodies!

The lovely menu booklet is full of all kind of fun stuff: there are descriptions of all the items inside, including an allergy list, but you can also learn all about Sakura season, flavours, colours and cultural events and practices. There’s even some Japanese vocabulary to learn!

Banana Caramel KitKat

Here’s yet another delicious Japanese KitKat variety, and has a little nod to Easter, which is right around the corner! This multipack contains 11 little bars coated with banana and caramel flavoured chocolate and filled with the same. This is a really delicious variety, and I alway love trying all the different KitKat variations!

Sakura Latte Marshmallow & Exclusive TokyoTreat x Pine Ame Sakura Candy

The tiny marshmallows are shaped like sakura petals, and are both pink and white. The pink have the cherry blossom taste, and the white ones have a hint of creamy milk as well. These are really cute to sprinkle on top of hot chocolate for a really special taste.

Pine Ame are well knows for their little round candies that taste of pineapple, but this month they have paired with TokyoTreat to produce this amazing exclusive sakura version! They’re really delicious, and the cherry blossom flavour is incredibly sweet and fruity.

Maruchan Red Kitsune Udon & Pringles Cream Stew

This noodle pot is incredibly popular in Japan. It contains noodles and broth, of course, but you also have a piece of special fried tofu sitting on top! This is a lovely bonus along with the noodles and something a bit different from the usual ramen.

In Japan, Pringles also come in some crazy and unusual limited flavours, and this one was only released this year for a limited time. Everyone knows what Pringles are, but cream stew is a Japanese staple, a creamy chicken and vegetable stew which actually translates very well into a Pringles flavour!

Tokyo Layer Loaf Strawberry and Red Bean & Calpis Melon Cream Soda

This delicious loaf is another TokyoTreat exclusive. These bread-like cakes are dense and soft and come with the flavourings baked into the cake in tiny layers. This one contains strawberry and red bean paste,, and has been created in partnership with Tokyo Natural Yeast. It’s really delicious and goes perfectly with a cup of tea.

Calpis is a delicious Japanese soda which creamy and fizzy, and extremely popular. This melon version gives a fruity twist and tastes like a cross between a milkshake and a melon soda float! Best drunk cold and the sunshine.

Mochi Taro, Mr Onion Taro, & Puku Puku Tai Strawberry

Mochi Taro are a traditional snack made from salted rice crackers, and they’re savoury, crunchy,  and very moreish.

As you might expect, Mr Onion are onion flavoured – little light and crispy corn puff balls with a lovely onion soup taste.

Puku Puku Tai are a favourite candy in Japan. Made to resemble the fish-shaped street food pastries, these are instead wafer shapes filled with bubbly chocolate. This strawberry flavours is particularly good as a fruity Springtime treat.

Koro Cola Chewing Candy, Ramen Snack, Mini Monster Gummy, Coco Bolo, & Sparrow’s Egg Crackers

Gummies are chew are very popular in Japan, and the cola flavoured chewing candy and fruity gummy strip are classics.

Ramen Snack is flavourful savoury dried noodles, which are a very popular nibble in Japan. The Sparrow Eggs are so called because of their  resemblance to actual tiny eggs, and they’re coated and fried peanuts with a sweet and spicy soy sauce flavour.

Finally, the Coco Bolo are chocolatey crunchy corn snacks that can be eaten straight from the package or out them in a bowl and add milk for a chocolate cereal experience!


Our score: 10.0/ 10

I love that there are a whole lot moor sakura goodies this month. It's really such a wonderful flavour and so emblematic of Japan. It's really good that TokyoTreat are able to bring out their own exclusive goodies too, it's really interesting to see what they come up with, and I absolutely love the sakura candies this month! The KitKats are always a treat, there's never the same thing twice! Altogether this is a fantastic selection this month, perfect for Spring, and as an extra bonus the booklet is always so fun an informative. Such a great way to have fun with the flavours of Japan and try things you won't find anywhere else!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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  • Fun and tasty Japanese candies
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