TokyoTreat – June 2022

This month’s delicious selection of Japanese candy and snacks has been inspired by one of Tokyo’s coolest neighbourhoods: Snackin’ Shibuya!

The cool booklet contains a ton of information and fun stuff. There’s a full menu list with descriptions and allergy guide for each item.

You can also read about the Shibuya neighbourhood, where to go and what to see, plus competitions and community photos.  This is such a fun way to pick up tidbits about Japanese culture, and is a definite enhancement to all the goodies.

KitKat Pudding Flavour

I absolutely love all the different Japanese KitKat varieties, and these are one of the nicest. The wafer layers are sandwiched with caramel cream, and the whole thing is covered with delicious custard pudding flavoured white chocolate. They’re sweet, but the little mini bars are the perfect size for a treat.

Scone: Quattro Cheese, Texas Corn Potage Puffs, Texas Corn Okonomiyaki Puffs (mystery snack)

Three corn snacks here. The crunchy cheese corn sticks are seriously cheesy! They remind me a bit of NikNaks, and if you’re a cheese fan (I am!) you’ll adore them. The corn potage and Okonomiyaki snacks are little round puffed corn balls, the corn potage tasting exactly like creamy corn soup. Okonomiyaki is a sauce used as a condiment on many dishes, rather like ketchup. It’s a lovely flavour, sweet, savoury, umami, and slightly smoky.

Manneken Cookies & Cream Waffle, Puku Puku Tai Lemonade

The waffle cookie really does taste exactly like cookies and cream, and it’s made with cream and vanilla, plus chocolate chips. I actually took the advice in the menu booklet and ate it with ice cream, and it really was delicious! The fish-shaped waffle snack pops up in TokyoTreat quite regularly, but this version is a completely new flavour! It’s inspired my the lemonade made mu the manufacturer Mento, and the lemony wafer contains delicious bubbly lemon white chocolate.

Caramel Popcorn Soda, Spicy Napolitan Tomato Pasta

It never would have occurred to me that a soda could taste like popcorn, but this one really does! While it’s slightly odd to feel like you’re drinking caramel popcorn, it’s remarkably nice, though it’s very sweet and best served well chilled. Maybe with a movie? The instant ramen bowl is a Japanese take on classic Italian tomato pasta, and it has a nice spicy kick. It’s really pretty good, and you can even add parmesan cheese if you like!

Matcha Thunder, Fujiya Assort, Strong Cola Jumbo Ramune

Black Thunder is a classic and extremely popular dark chocolate bar, and this is is a brand new matcha version! The slightly bitter matcha green tea flavour works beautifully with chocolate, and the creamy matcha topping is a really delicious addition to the crunchy dark chocolate.

Look chocolates are little filled chocolates individually wrapped. This one is one of three possible brand-new limited edition varieties, and is called Night Temptations Parfait a la Mode. The chocolates have delicious creamy fillings in chocolate, banana, strawberry, and green tea.

Ramune candy is the candy version of the classic Japanese ramune soda, and come in little pill-type shapes. This version is cola flavoured, and the candies are bigger!

Kamesen Cracker: Light Salt, Jaga King, Sankaku Cracker Vegetable Flavour, Pricey German Potato Pretzel Sticks

Kamsen crackers translate as turtle rice crackers, because they are shaped rather like turtle shells! No actual turtle though, instead they are a lovely light crisp salted snack. Jaga King is like a cross between a potato wedge and a potato crisp. Another simple salted snack, you can properly taste the potato, and they’re really rather moreish.

The vegetable crackers contain actual pieces of vegetable, which give and extra depth of savoury flavour. Also, Sankaku means triangle, which makes sense as they are actually triangle shaped. German potatoes are made with bacon, onions, garlic, and pepper, and the flavours is perfectly reproduced in this little pretzel sticks. They would also go beautifully with a cold beer!


Our score: 9.8/ 10

It's a delightful selection this month! The salty snacks are fab, especially the pretzel sticks and the cheesy corn snacks. I'm also very happy to have yet another KitKat to try, these are really delicious! The matcha Black Thunder was a lovely flavour, a great twist on the original, and the popcorn sods was a properly original flavour, not something I ever thought I would experience! Overall I'm absolutely thrilled with this month's selection, a great variety with delicious savoury items. This is such a brilliant and original way to have snacks that are much more fun than the ones we see every day.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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  • Fun and tasty Japanese candies
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  • Fun and tasty Japanese candies
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