TokyoTreat – June 2021

This month TokyoTreat has partnered with Funimation, a fantastic anime streaming service, to bring a great selection of snacks and treats that are perfect for eating while you’re watching your favourite anime shows.

Even the box has a special design! You also get a FREE month’s subscription to Funimation, so you can get a taste of all the shows on offer, perfect for anyone who adores modern Japanese culture.

There’s also yet another bonus surprise in the box, which I’ll come to in a moment.

As always you get a full menu of all the goodies in the box. There’s also the unique code for each subscriber to get their free month of subscription.

Before I get to the main goodies, here is the surprise bonus:

Two extra packs of yummy Japanese KitKats! These are TokyoTreat’s way of thanking all their lovely subscribers.

Which ones you get are a lucky dip, but the two I received are Chocolate Strawberry and Sakura (cherry blossom). They are both exclusive to the Japanese market, and incredibly delicious. What a lovely surprise treat.

On the the rest of the box.

Dragon Potato Tasty Chili Flavour and Texas Corn Okonomiyaki

As you might guess, the Dragon chips are deliciously spicy, with just a hint of cheese. They’re fun curly potato snacks, crunchy and delicious.

Okonomiyaki is a favourite Japanese party food, rather like a frittata, which is served with a rich sweet-savoury sauce. This light and crunchy corn snack takes its flavour from the okonomiyaki sauce.

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Kogumi Gummies and Fanta Yogurt Rush

These amusingly named gummies are named for a Japanese light novel series which has been republished as manga and is a cult favourite. Yes, the protagonist really is reincarnated slime, and these gummies features designs of one of the characters, a dragon, and are blood orange, muscat grape, energy drink, and ramune flavours. They are a lot of fun, and while I hadn’t heard of this series I’m definitely going to check it out!

This version of Fanta is a delicious grape yogurt flavour. It sounds a little strange but it manages to be both creamy and fruity, and it even contains probiotics.

MochiMochi Chocolat Sakura Mochi, Baby Kaki Cochi Seaweed Flavour, and Uncle Pierre Butter Cream Roll Cake.

We’re still just about in spring, and these delicious sweet mochi (soft and chewy rice cakes) are flavoured with the famous Japanese spring flavour of sakura. Inside there is a matcha tea filling, which gives a lovely slightly bitter contrast to the sweet outer.

Mochi can also be crispy and savoury, and these crunchy rice crackers are flavoured with salty seaweed. Really very tasty.

Uncle Pierre’s Roll Cakes come in many different flavours, and are a great favourite with children and adults alike. It’s rather like a swiss roll, with a cake rolled around a delicious buttercream. A great sweet snack, perhaps with a cup of tea.

General Ikasen, Abekko Ramune Candy, and Sour Cola Gummy.

General Ikasen are crunchy squid crackers, great to remind you of the high seas of One Piece!

Ramune candy is flavoured like Japanese ramue soda, fizzy and melty. These orange candies are one of a possible selection of flavours.

Everyone loves cola bottles, and this gummy is coated in a yummy sour coating, a great favourite.

Tea Cookie, Ace Gum, and Melon Pan

Tea cookies are exactly what they sound like, a little butter cookie flavoured with darjeeling tea.

If you’re a tennis fan, these gumballs look exactly like tennis balls and are flavoured with lemon. There’s also a twist, they start out very sour and then get gradually sweeter the more you chew.

Melon Pan is another famous Japanese cookie. Flavoured with actual melon, it’s the same shape in miniature as the melon pan bread, which is named for its resemblance to the melon fruit.

Lucky Cat Candy, Chibi Maru Choco, and Camembert Cheese Snack

The cute hard candy changes colour as you eat it, and which colour is revealed might well tell your fortune!

Chibi candies are tiny little sugar coated chocolate beans, rather like tiny smarties. Perfect for a small sweet snack.

The Camembert snack is one of the more unusual items I’ve seen in TokyoTreat, but it really is a little piece of cheese! A lovely little savory mouthful when you want a change from sweetness.

KitKat Maple

Yet another bag of delicious KitKats! This amazing maple version is in honor of Canada, which is of course famous for its maple syrup. They are utterly wonderful!

Our score: 10.0/ 10

Not only does this box have a really fun theme, the THREE bags of KitKats knock it out of the park! I adore the huge variety of KitKats that you can get in Japan, and these are a great addition to the range. The Fanta is also incredibly yummy, a really unusual flavour, and I'm also a big fan of the crunchy chili snacks. I like the nod to a little more sophisticated snack with the lovely sakura and matcha mochi, they are such a core traditional Japanese confection and it's lovely to have the opportunity to try these flavours. The additional bonus of a free month of anime is just fantastic, it's a great company for TokyoTreat to partner with, and it means you can open up your appreciation of Japanese culture even further! A splendid selection.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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  • Fun and tasty Japanese candies
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  • Fun and tasty Japanese candies
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