TokyoTreat – January 2022

New Year, new TokyoTreat!

TokyoTreat has levelled up for 2022 with a revamped design and contents! New items included are a different instant ramen to try every month, a bigger variety of snacks, including desserts, purin, jellies, and cakes, and a shiny expanded booklet with  full allergy list and lots more fun Japanese cultural info!

As well as the superb new descriptions, there’s a ton of interesting things to read. As it’s New Year, you can find out about Japanese traditions, and there’s a look inside the famous Japanese KitKt factory.

Now let’s check out the now-look snack selection!

Mega Pachi Energy Drink, Cafe au Lait KitKat, and Pocky Winter Chocolate

If you’ve overdone it a bit at New Year, this will give you a real kick! It’s got a unique flavour, a little like sweet cider, and the can design is based on traditional kabuki.

Japanese KitKats are famous for their amazing varieties, and this cafe au lait version has a beautiful creamy coffee chocolate coating.

Pocky is another Japanese classic that comes in many different flavours. Winter Chocolate is a special seasonal edition with an extra thick coating of dark chocolate on the pretzel stick finished with a cocoa layer for maximum rich chocolate experience. Even better, there are two separate packages in the box, one for now, and one for later. (Maybe!)

Fuwatto Edamame Craackers, Cabbage Taro, and Tai Arare

The lovely crunchy rice crackers have an amazing salty savory flavour that is seriously addictive. Perfect paired with a beer, and the bag is big enough to share. Though you don’t have to of course.

Cabbage Taro corn puff balls have a light dusting of cabbage, but the flavour is all about the umami sweet-sour flavour. These have been a favourite for many years.

Another savory snack, these little crackers are shaped like tiny sea bream, and flavoured with the traditional tastes of soy sauce and mirin for a delicious savory experience.

Caramel Taro & DIY Sauce Senbei

A sweet option of these fried taro snacks. They’re coated with delicious caramel sauce and then combined with peanuts for a little salty edge, these are seriously moreish.

Senbei are rice crackers, and are an extremely popular snack in Japan. This package includes crackers plus a sachet of special sauce which is like a sweet/salty soy sauce that goes perfectly with the crunchy senbei.

KiraKira Jewelry Jelly & Spot The Sour Cider Gum

This is a fun DIY candy kit, which contains powder which you mixed with water and place in the included gem-shaped moulds to make cute little candy jewels!

Sour candy is popular in Japan, and this package adds n extra surprise! There are several pieces inside, but only one has a crazy mega-sour taste, so either play a guessing game with friends and family, or take all the risks yourself!

Nostalgic Ramune Candy, Umaibo Tonkatsu, & Shimi Coco Stick

Ramue candy is the sweetie version of the classic Japanese ramune soda. It comes in a package shaped exactly like the soda bottle, and contains little fizzy candies that taste just like the drink.

Umaibo – which means ‘delicious stick’ – is a puffed corn tube that comes in many different flavours. This one is the classic tonkatsu  and delicious savory sauce flavour, and instantly takes you to the dish itself.

Another corn stick, this one is a lovely creamy chocolate version, and the stick is also shaped like  a star. Sweet, light, and crunchy, and also goes very well with a glss of milk as a twist on milk and cookies.

Mr Tanuki’s Tonkotsu Flavour Cup Ramen

Instant ramen is one of Japan’s most popular snacks and meals. It’s so easy to add water, stir, and wait for just a for moments until you have delicious hot noodles, perfect for the colder months. You can even add meat and vegetables to make a bigger meal. This one is tonkotsu which is a classic Japanese brith based on pork bones, though this one is suitable for vegetarians.



Our score: 10.0/ 10

I love how TokyoTreat have refreshed their contents and widened the range of goodies in the box. I think instant ramen (which I love!) is a great addition, and a really interesting way to bring more Japanese flavours into the mix. More variety and a bigger range really ups the quality and fun here, and i also love how much more info there is in the booklet. I can't wait to see what they have next month, and in the meantime, I'm so impressed with the new look, and every better way to bring a little taste of Japan into your home!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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